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Winter Lawn Seeding - It Works!

December 11, 2015 by Kirsten Johnson

Seeding Options in the late fall and early winter - Slice or Broadcast Seeding? When you think about planting grass, spring comes to mind as the best time. But, can you believe that it's not only not the best time, it isn't even the second best time. The best time to seed your lawn is in the late summer when the soil is warm and there isn't much weed competition.The second best time to seed your lawn isnt the spring though, it's the winter. That's right, it is not too late to get a jump on your new spring lawn.As long as the ground is not frozen, Good Nature can use a Slice Seeder to get those hardy seeds into the ground so they're ready to germinate come warmer spring weather. In fact, there are some benefits to Dormant Seeding in the late fall and early winter: *Winter Seedings are less reliant on watering because the soil is typically wet coming out of winter and spring rains are likely. Watering come spring however will improve the odds of a successful seeding, especially if we

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Safe Salting this Winter

December 04, 2015 by Kirsten Johnson

The icy cold weather is on its way! Its time to think about how to keep your walkways clear of slippery ice without harming your walkways, plants, lawn, and pets. We have listed a few tips to help this winter when applying de-icers! Step 1: Remove the top layer of snow using a shovel or snow blower. This will help the salt get directly to the ice. Step 2: Apply the ice melt correctly. Using either a hand sifter or cup spread the ice melt thin and evenly. You dont need a lot of salt to get the desired results. You will need to wear gloves if you decide to toss the ice melt, some products can irritate or burn your hands. Step 3: Protect your driveway, plants and lawn. Again, use ice melt in moderation. Products containing salt, although natural, in large amounts is not good for your walkways and vegetation. Try to keep the products off your lawn and plants.If you are concerned, water them when you get a break from the weather. You can also cover larger shrubs and bushes around the bases

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