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arrow right | Why Good Nature 4 organic applications
arrow right | Why Good Nature Effective for warding off ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas
arrow right | Why Good Nature All-natural and 100% organic
arrow right | Why Good Nature Safer than chemicals
arrow right | Why Good Nature Peace of mind that comes from knowing your entire FAMILY and PETS can more safely enjoy your yard (without concerns over bug bites and insect-related diseases)

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Good Nature is locally owned and has been featured in local news media for their positive impact on the community!

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Cleveland, Get $50 Off Voucher!

$50 OFF:
“Organic Biting Bug Barrier” for your yard

It's easy to get rid ticks, fleas and mosquitoes with  a safer, non-toxic solution!

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No-strings-attached  “Organic Biting Bug Barrier” for your yard

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"My husband and I (and dog) adore the time we can spend in our garden and patio during our warm weather but hate to get chewed up by mosquitoes!

We added Good Nature’s mosquito, flea and tick spray treatment a few years ago, and it really helps reduce the pests and extend our time to garden, grill and relax in our garden and patio.

I’d recommend it to all!

PS we do smell a bit like an Italian restaurant for a few hours, but we love garlic! "