Improve Your Grasses


Without a doubt, one of the biggest factors in the quality of your lawn is the types of grass that inhabit it. No matter how much fertilizer you add, you just can’t make older weaker grass types as tough, durable, and attractive as newer varieties. If you want to have a beautiful lawn, it pays to invest in the best quality grass seed. Good Nature uses only the finest grass seed available. The premium grasses we use do much better in heat, so your lawn will look better, greener and be more weed-resistant.

Note: If you’re adventurous you might consider adding our Premium Microclover Seed to your lawn. Microclover is a new type of clover that mixes well with the grass, reducing your fertilizer needs, keeping it greener, and helping it compete with some noticeable weeds.


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Improve Your Grasses

Improve Your Grasses


Microclover added to your lawn will keep it greener during the summer with less water than your neighbors use, reduce fertilizer use, and eliminate the need for chemical weed killers.Clover pulls fertilizer out of the air and brings it down to the soil. More info

Broadcast Seeding

Broadcast seeding is the least expensive way to overseed your lawn, but less effective than our other seeding alternatives. The exception to this is Microclover. Microclover establishes itself well with a spring broadcast seeding. More Info

Super Seeding

Super (Slice) Seeding is an excellent way to inject new life into a tired older lawn. By using this seeding method you can increase germination by as much as 60%. More info

Total Lawn Renovation

Total Renovation involves killing off your existing lawn and starting fresh with modern drought tolerant, pest resistant grasses that look greener and stand up better to wear and tear than traditional grasses. More info

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