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What is Compacted Soil?

How long could you live without food? Maybe a few weeks. How about Water? A few days? How about without air? Not very long. Your grass is the same way. The two most important things that plants need to be healthy are air and water. Living in a compacted soil makes it more difficult for plant roots to get air and water. An ideal soil is 50% open space that is available to hold air and water. A compacted soil might only have 10% open space...severely stressing your grass plants roots.

What Can you do about Compacted Soils?

By choosing an organic lawn care approach, you’re already helping. Going organic will cause a growth in your earthworm population and they are great at “aerating” your soil for you. While switching to an organic program alone may not be enough to bring back your earthworm population, going organic will at least stop killing them. Sometimes soils are too compacted for earthworms to thrive. In that case, we highly recommend our Liquid Aeration 2 to 4 times per season to help open up the soil and encourage earthworm activity.

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