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Natural Pest Suppression

Natural Pest Suppression

While some chemical lawn care companies choose to kill lawn pests with poisons, at Good Nature we've found a number of effective, all-natural pest control alternatives.

The best pest control is to plant tough grass varieties and keep them healthy with a natural lawn program and good cultural practices. These organic services are natural preventions that tip the balance in favor of good biology and can keep the grass thick and weeds out. While they'll never hurt, we'll advise you if any particular service is specifically recommended for your lawn.

Natural Grub and Flea Control

You don't need toxic chemicals to prevent grub damage. Our naturally occurring grub control keeps grubs from destroying your lawn and fights fleas at the same time. Click here for more info

Spring Insect Control

Beneficial Nematodes - totally non toxic and naturally occurring - applied in the late spring to fight turf damaging billbugs and fleas. Studies at Ohio State show that the fewer billbugs you have, the fewer weeds you'll have. Click here for more info

Mosquito Yard Barrier

Keep Mosquitoes from ruining your summer with our all natural Garlic applications. You'll only be able to smell it for a few hours, but mosquitoes will smell it and stay away for up to 4 weeks (depending on rainfall). Click here for more info

Mole Patrol

Moles digging up your lawn? Good Nature has an all natural mole detterent solution. Click here for more info

Bug Biting Barrier

We've never liked being bitten by mosquitoes, or having fleas invade our homes hitching rides on our pets. Now with Ticks invading Ohio, there are even more reasons to keep these biting bugs out of our lawns and landscapes. Click here for more info

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