In the old days prior to the invention of chemical weed killers and fertilizers, clover was included in lawn seed mixes. Clover and grass actually work well together - the clover pulls fertilizer out of the air and brings it down to the soil.  The microclover varieties that we use flower less prolifically than standard white clover and they tend to spread well, so you don't have the same patchy look you get with regular white clover.


If you are interested in having microclover in your lawn you're welcome visit our online store to purchase microclover  for your lawn or contact us for more information.


Microclover Soccer Field 


Microclover Testimonial

Jim Whitelaw was a pioneer seeding with clover back in 2009, he shares his experience with it here: 




The Clover Story

If you can make it through 4 minutes of a video, listen to founder Alec McClennan discuss the benefits of clover and see examples of Microclover.