Tree Hand

Tree Saving Program

Helps to Preserve Your Favorite Trees by Relieving Decay and Root Issues

Tree Saving Program

The number one problem with Trees and Shrubs is Compacted Soil. Roots just don't have enough air around them to thrive. Destructive anaerobic fungi gradually kill your beautiful old trees. Our treatment provides deep aeration, using a special tool called an Air Knife. We loosen the top 12-18 inches of soil around your tree with compressed air. This greatly improves its ability to flourish and maintain its beauty and significance in your landscape.

Improper Planting is another cause of many Tree and Shrub issues, which often results in Girdling Roots and Trunk Decay. If your Trees or Shrubs are growing poorly or do not look vital, Good Nature can send our Arborist to your home to determine if the Root Collar Excavation is needed. This is the safest way to look at what is happening below the soil. Watch the video below on Root Collar Excavation using an Air Knife.

Volcano Mulching Girdling Roots
Girdling Roots Caused By Improper Planting
Volcano Mulching Tree Decay
Trunk Decay Caused By Improper Planting

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