Reduce Lawn Pests

Natural Suppression of Grubs and Pests to Promote a Healthy Lawn

Suppress Lawn Pests Without Chemicals

Typical lawn care companies kill lawn pests with poisons. The best pest control is to plant tough grass varieties and keep them healthy with a natural lawn program and good cultural practices, like proper mowing and watering. These organic services tip the balance in favor of good biology and keep the grass thick and weeds out. When pests do become an issue, we've got a number of effective, all natural remedies.

Pest Grubs

Our Natural Pest Suppressing Promise.

Natural Pest Suppression Only, Never Any Pyrethroids or Neonicotonoids.

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Organic Grub Control

Regular grub killers create a chemical blanket over your lawn for the Summer, who wants that? The good news is that you don't need chemicals to prevent grub damage. Good Nature uses naturally occurring and non-toxic microorganisms, called beneficial nematodes, to keep grubs from ruining your lawn.

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Mole Digging Suppression

Moles don’t really harm your lawn, but their piles of dirt can be messy and result in dead spots. If you are having issues with Moles, we have natural options for you.

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Spring Lawn Insect Control

Our Organic Foundation Lawn Program will help keep your lawn healthy and minimize the damage caused by insects. If Chinch Bugs or Billbugs are an issue, our beneficial nematode Spring Insect Control can help remedy the issue.

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Raccoons & Skunks

Skunks & Raccoons often dig in lawns in search of food, when the weather cools down. You can purchase Natural Animal Repellant to make your yard less desirable to Skunks and Raccoons. Call us to learn more or ask any questions you have about our Pest Suppression Services.

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Pest Japanese Beetle

Organic Grub Control

Reduce grubs naturally with non-toxic soil organisms, not bee toxic neonicotinoid chemicals.

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Pest Billbug

Spring Insect Control

Suppress Billbug Grubs and other insects naturally with a spring treatment of beneficial nematodes.

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Rodent Mole

Mole Digging Suppression

To prevent further mole damage we recommend our Natural Mole Repellent Treatments monthly.

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