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Liquid Aeration

Long Term Soil Improvement For A Healthy Lawn

Liquid Aeration

Using natural extracts from the Yuccah Plant, Humates, Kelp, and Ionizing Soil Conditioners, our Liquid Aeration can help relieve compaction, increase water absorption, improve root health and benefit grass growth. In many cases this is actually more effective than traditional Core Aeration because it penetrates more deeply to loosen the soil farther down than traditional aerators are able to go. Therefore, Liquid Aeration typically has longer lasting effects than Core Aeration. It's also great if you have an invisible pet fence or sprinkler system and don't want to risk breaking either with the Core Aeration machine. Your technician will let you know which method is more appropriate for your lawn.

How To Tell If You Need Aeration

  1. The soil in your yard is compacted.
  2. Areas of pooled water can be found all over the lawn after irrigation or rainfall.
  3. Water retention is low, causing water to run straight off the lawn when you water.
  4. There are several worn areas in your lawn, maybe where there is high foot traffic.
  5. Your lawn has a lot of Heavy Thatch built up

What To Look For In Liquid Aeration Products

There are a handful of Liquid Aeration products on the market. We are always testing and using new materials, however the base formula contains a few key ingredients. The first ingredient is some sort of wetting agent to get the materials to sink down into the soil. A wetting agent can be made from natural materials like the Yucca Plant, or from a more synthetic soap-like material. Secondly, the product should contain food for microbial life, typically Humates and maybe Kelp. Finally, a good Liquid Aeration product should contain enzymes or bacteria that are specifically designed to break down Thatch. Sometimes the Thatch decomposition product is in a separate package and requires its own application. The products we feel meet these requirements are Liquid Aerator and Thatch Master, both available at our Online Store.

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