Core Aeration

Give your lawn a breath of fresh air! Grass roots need oxygen to function and in our heavy clay soils, getting enough oxygen to the roots can sometimes be difficult. With Core Aeration we poke holes into your soil and pull the cores out. Aeration helps lawns with thatch problems, it loosens the soil to let nutrients work better, plus it helps your lawn make the best use of watering because an aerated lawn will retain more water with less runoff.


Aeration temporarily relieves a lawn from the problems associated with heavy thatch and compaction. The poked holes allow air and water to reach the roots. Proper coring also leaves the plugs on the lawn (little goose turd looking things) – which is important. Hopefully, there are some microbes in that core, which will work their way back into the ground, decomposing thatch as they go. If thatch is over ½ Inch, we also recommend a soil test and Bio DeThatch.

Aeration can be beneficial on an annual basis. Ideally, if we can get your soil balanced and improve its biological life, (with our fertilizers, compost, and just by not killing it with chemicals) aeration should become less and less necessary. In some cases, we might recommend liquid aeration because it can actually loosen the soil deeper than a traditional physical aeration can.

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