Healthy Soil

Balanced Soil is the Best Foundation for a Healthy Lawn

Importance Of Healthy Soil

You know intuitively how healthy soil looks and feels. It's loose and easy to work with. Since grass roots grow in the air space between soil particles, your soil needs to be nice and loose for a healthy lawn to prosper. 

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Our Healthy Soil Promoting Promise.

We Test and Analyze Your Soil to Ensure it Can Support a Healthy Lawn.

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Improve Your Soil

If you have a newer lawn or you've been using a chemical lawn program, your soil life probably isn't thriving, which can exacerbate compaction and lead to excess thatch. Our professionally trained Lawn Technicians will alert you of soil issues and recommend appropriate solutions. See below for the ideal soil composition.

Poor Soil Composition: 23% Oxygen & Water | 2% Organic Matter | 75% Soil Minerals
Ideal Soil Composition: 50% Oxygen & Water | 5% Organic Matter | 45% Soil Minerals


Laboratory Soil Analysis 

The best way to begin improving your soil is to first really understand what you are working with. Balanced soil has also been shown to grow healthier grass that is less prone to pest and weed problems.

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Core Aeration

Grass roots need air to function and in our heavy clay soils, getting enough oxygen to the roots can sometimes be difficult. Core Aeration helps lawns with Thatch problems and loosens the soil to let nutrients absorb more readily.

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Liquid Aeration

Liquid Aeration improves your soil and ultimately results in a healthier, more attractive lawn. Using beneficial biology and natural ingredients, such as extracts from the Quillaja Plant, Humates, Kelp, and Ionizing Soil Conditioners, our Liquid Aeration can help relieve compaction and improve grass health.

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Pelletized Organic Compost Topdressing 

Do you live in a new development? The soil at most new homes is not good. When they build a home, they typically strip off the topsoil, dig the basement, spread that subsoil over the lawn area, then add maybe an inch of topsoil before seeding. This is terrible soil! A Pelletized Organic Compost Topdressing will really help improve the health of your soil and plants!

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Hand Soil Grass

Soil Analysis

Laboratory Soil Analysis will help us balance your soil to promote grass and discourage weeds. 

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Compost Aeration

Core Aeration

Core Aeration is a temporary fix for compacted soils and heavy thatch. We'll let you know if it makes sense for your lawn.

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Compost Topdressing Organic


Add organic matter and beneficial biology with our pelletized organic compost treatment.

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