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Organic Lawn Technician

Help People Enjoy Beautiful Lawns Without All The Chemicals

Work Hard, Make A Difference, Feel Good

Are you self-disciplined and driven? Are you interested in a career that allows you to work independently in the great outdoors?


  • No experience is necessary
  • We will train you to be successful at this job
  • You will have opportunities for long term growth potential
  • Feel good about what you do
  • Make a difference in your community by being able to offer organic, all-natural lawn care

This job is perfect if you want to help people enjoy beautiful lawns, without all the chemicals!


  • Accurately applying environmentally friendly fertilizers to our clients' properties
  • Working quickly, and carefully, while being friendly to both associates and clients
  • Helping clients have healthy, chemical-free landscapes
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Prior to scheduling an interview, you must complete our application survey, which can be accessed by filling out the form. No resume is required, however, if you have one, please upload it to the application website.
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lawn technician
An excellent place to work! I felt like a valued member of the team from day one. Great company values and a dual commitment to customer service and environmental friendliness.
Current Lawn Technician

Very open about what to expect and extremely accommodating in regards to time off and work schedules. They keep people around over the Winter, when most lawn care companies lay people off. Lots of advancement opportunities.
Current Lawn Technician

Regular hours, friendly team environment, hands on managers, knowledgeable co-workers, learning opportunities, ongoing training, reference materials, and adaptable environment.
Former Lawn Technician