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Why Good Nature?

A Beautiful Lawn and Peace of Mind, Naturally

Why Organic Lawn Care?

Traditional Lawn Fertilizers and Pesticides pose risks for you, your family, and our environment. Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has indicated that 95% of commonly used lawn care chemicals are known or probable carcinogens? But now, rather than blanketing our lawns with potentially harmful chemicals, there is a healthy alternative.

Why Good Nature?

Good Nature keeps your family and pets safer by eliminating the use of chemical insecticides, weed killers, and fungicides. We use organic and feed quality ingredients to nurture healthy soil and naturally thicken grass, as well as special nutrient mixes to give your lawn an advantage over weeds. With Good Nature, you can feel confident you have a safer, chemical free lawn.

Natural, Safer Weed, Pest & Disease Suppression

We discourage pest damage with natural, safer products like Neem Oil, to keep grubs at bay and prevent them from stealing nutrients from your grass. We manage weeds with our nutrition plan, by supplying your soil with beneficial bacteria, fungi and micronutrients that give your grass an advantage over weeds. This results in far fewer weeds, as compared to not treating your lawn at all. We also work to discourage lawn diseases by planting tougher grass varieties.

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No Treatments versus Good Nature Treatments

How to Choose an Organic Lawn Care Company?

Organic Based

Organic based lawn care companies add a small amount of organic material to their fertilizers and typically use all the standard lawn care chemicals.
      • 2,4-D Free: NO
      • Dicamba Free: NO
      • Prodiamine Free: NO
      • Neonicotinoid Free: NO
      • Natural Weed Suppression: NO
      • Natural Insect Suppression: NO
        • Bee Friendly Applications: NO

Chemical Lawn Care

These companies heavily rely on the use of chemical insecticides, chemical pre-emergent herbicides, chemical weed killers and chemical fungicides.
      • 2,4-D Free: NO
      • Dicamba Free: NO
      • Prodiamine Free: NO
      • Neonicotinoid Free: NO
      • Natural Weed Suppression: NO
      • Natural Insect Suppression: NO
        • Bee Friendly Applications: NO

Questions to Ask If Hiring a Lawn Care Company

We want you to have all the facts in order to make an informed decision. 

  1. What Do You Use For Pre-Emergent Weed Control?
    Genuine organic companies will use a plant-based or feed-quality pre-emergent weed suppression, usually Corn Gluten Meal. If a company uses a chemical pre-emergent weed control, know that this forms a chemical blanket that sits on your lawn for 3 to 4 months in order to prevent weeds. Natural Corn Gluten Meal, on the other hand, is found in many of the foods you eat and is a much better, and safer choice for pre-emergent weed suppression.
  2. What Do You Use For Grub & Insect Control?
    True organic companies will use Beneficial Nematodes, Bacillus Thuringiensis, Plant Oils, or Milky Spore to control grubs naturally. If a company uses Imacloprid (Merit, Mach II, Bayer Advanced, GrubEx) or some other form of grub control, it's a chemical that sits on your lawn's surface for the entire season.
  3. How Do You Control Weeds?
    If a company uses organic fertilizers like poultry manure or sewage sludge, then you'll probably have a fair amount of weeds, as these do a poor job suppressing weed growth. If Corn Gluten Meal is used, then your weeds should be somewhat diminished. If a company relies on chemicals to control weeds, you'll be left with the toxic remnants on your lawn and in the environment. Good Nature uses proprietary nutrient mixes that favor grass over weeds. This results in a natural lawn, with far fewer weeds than you’d have just treating it with organic fertilizers and none of the toxins you'd have if you went with chemical lawn care. 
  4. What's In Your Fertilizer?
    Organic-based fertilizers contain 25% organic material, the rest is synthetic. Plant-based, feed-grade fertilizers and good quality compost and compost tea are generally the highest quality fertilizers and help your landscape thrive without chemicals.
  5. Do You Offer Both Organic & Chemical Fertilizer Programs?
    Companies that do mostly chemical lawn care, but offer an organic option, are generally less committed to helping you reduce or eliminate chemicals in your lawn, as compared to companies who focus solely on providing an organic approach.

A Note on Natural Controls

There is a new emphasis on using pesticides that are made from natural ingredients. We believe that anything that is designed to kill something, has potential to do damage to non-target organisms, like people for instance. Our goal is to grow healthy grass and plants that don’t require pesticides, natural or chemical. If problems do occur, you want to eliminate the cause of the problem, not just mask it by using a pesticide. Obviously, if it is determined that a pesticide is the only option, it makes sense to go with the most natural and least toxic option. We use things like Clove Oil to kill grass and weeds, Garlic to discourage insects and Neem Oil to deter lawn grubs.

Give us a call today. We think you'll like our answers.

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Safer For Your Family & Pets

Today there is a growing concern among environmentally-conscious homeowners regarding the chemicals being used to treat their lawns. The good news is, there's a healthy alternative to blanketing our lawns with harmful chemicals. That's where we come in. Good Nature Organic Lawn Care provides chemical-free solutions to keep you safe!

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Less Costly Long Term

You've heard the saying, 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is'. That goes for lawn care as well. For ads that boast a low introductory offer, keep in mind that you're likely getting a yard full of chemicals that stimulate rapid grass growth. This rapid growth comes at the expense of root growth, so your lawn is now more susceptible to drought stress, disease, and grub problems. This is when that initially low cost starts to multiply. Now you've got bugs and diseases in your lawn. Don't worry, the chemical lawn care company can fix you right up with poisons to take care of that as well, with an additional charge of course. Caring for your lawn organically, results in fewer problems over time, requiring less service, instead of more! It all adds up.

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Environmentally Friendly

There is no resource more valuable than the water we drink. The negative effects of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides on our water are well documented. Scientists tell us that, as a result of fertilizer pollution, there are now dead zones appearing in lakes and oceans around the world, where no marine life is growing. This is why our program is designed to keep nutrients, which lead to algal blooms, and pesticides, which lead to chronic health problems, out of our water supply. Additionally, animals are adversely impacted by synthetic chemicals used on lawns. In fact, it is estimated that 67 million birds are killed annually by pesticides. Bees, which are critical for food production, are very sensitive to insecticides used on lawns. Their populations have been declining for years.

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Better For Your Lawn

Our natural fertilizers work with Nature, feeding and building the soil, unlike synthetic fertilizers, which work against Nature. Over time, you'll find that your soil and lawn become healthier on our program. Chemical lawn care companies tend to mask lawn problems by repeatedly applying chemicals to them. These chemicals encourage quick grass growth, which makes your lawn more susceptible to pest problems. To handle these pests, more chemicals are used. In addition to killing the target pests, these chemical sprays kill beneficial organisms, which served as predators to the problem pests. With weakened grass and minimal predators, your lawn is subjected to a never-ending cycle of abuse. At Good Nature, we take the opposite approach. We work with Nature to feed and condition your lawn, to make it healthier and hardier, the natural way. We use organic materials to increase your lawn's natural defense system, making chemical treatments less necessary. If pest issues arise, we offer a biologically and environmentally responsible solution.