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Our Story

A Glimpse into How it All Began

I started Good Nature Organic Lawn Care in 1999 with an old Subaru hatchback, a few willing clients and a dream. A dream to provide a safer way to care for lawns and landscapes. Today, our company is proud to serve thousands of amazing clients, who enjoy healthier, more robust, organic lawns that are resistant to weeds and extremely safe for children, pets, and the environment.

Back in high school, my Biology Teacher taught us about the problems caused by lawn fertilizers and chemicals in a local trout stream. Later that year, my dad asked me to spread a popular weed & feed on our lawn. After reading all the hazardous ingredients, I refused. My dad agreed to take back the fertilizer, but told me I had to find another way to keep the lawn looking nice. And so began my passion for Chemical Free Lawn Care.

After graduating college with a degree in Engineering, I decided to see if people in Cleveland might want their lawns treated organically as well. It was at that time that Good Nature Organic Lawn Care was born. Thanks to some amazing clients in our first few years, we figured out how to make it work. That was back in 1999, and today, thousands of our neighbors are experiencing the peace of mind that comes from treating their lawns with all natural products, rather than harmful chemicals. It is my hope, that you'll join us too!