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Compost Topdressing

Enhance Your Soil and Improve Your Lawn with Compost Topdressing

Organic Compost Topdressing 

Do you live in a new development? The soil at most new homes is not good. When they build a home, they typically strip off the topsoil, dig the basement, spread that subsoil over the lawn area, then add maybe an inch of topsoil before seeding. This is terrible soil! A pelletized Compost Topdressing will really help improve the health of your soil and plants!

Organic Compost Topdressing adds organic matter, plus beneficial biology, which will make your lawn thicker and greener. We add a heavy dose of pelletized Organic Compost, approximately 40 pounds per 1000 square feet, over your entire lawn. Organic Compost is great for any lawn and can take the place of a regular fertilization application.

Combining Organic Compost Topdressing with Slice Seeding is a great way to transform a thin lawn into an attractive and healthy lawn! It's also a great service to do with your last treatment to keep your soil active over the Winter and give you the greenest lawn on the block come Spring! 

Organic Soil Builder 

If your soil is bad, but Organic Compost Topdressing is not in the budget, our Organic Soil Builder is the less expensive alternative. We will use a pelletized Compost and spread a heavy application of roughly 20 pounds per 1000 square feet, on your lawn. This will add valuable organic matter and nutrients to your lawn. This can serve as a substitute for a regular fertilization and is beneficial on newer lawns with poor soil. Our Organic Soil Builder is best applied after a Soil Analysis indicates low organic matter is present.

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