Fight Weeds Naturally

Strengthen Your Grass to Fight Weeds, Naturally

Fight Lawn Weeds Without Chemicals

We don't kill weeds directly. Instead of ordinary chemical weed killing sprays, we discourage weeds by supplying your lawn with slow release nutrients from feed quality ingredients, beneficial organisms, and micronutrients that give your grass an advantage over the weeds. Not using any chemicals may result in having a few weeds in your lawn, but far fewer than if you didn't treat your lawn at all. You'll also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family isnt playing on a blanket of chemicals, and youre not putting pesticides into our environment. 

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No Treatments versus Good Nature Treatments

Our Natural Weed Suppressing Promise.

No Chemicals like 2-4,D, Dicamba, Pendamethalin, or Barricade.

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Natural Foundation Organic Lawn Care Program

A thick, healthy lawn will discourage weeds far better than any chemical you might apply. Weeds are opportunistic and like to germinate in thin or bare areas. Our Organic Foundation Lawn Care Program is designed to feed and protect your lawn to help keep it healthy and thick and naturally better at fighting weeds.

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Natural Weed Buster

If your lawn is particularly weedy or if you really don’t like weeds in your lawn, you might benefit from additional Natural Weed Buster Treatments. Our applications are a mix of nutrients and beneficial soil biology that the grass likes, but weeds don't. We’ve found that adding two additional Natural Weed Buster Treatments in the Spring and Fall really helps minimize dandelions and other weeds.

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What You Can Do

Mowing high shades and cools the soil surface, making the grass greener, healthier and making it more difficult for annual weeds to sprout. Mowing often also helps take stress away from your grass and helps strengthen it to keep weeds from taking over.

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Daily watering encourages seeds to sprout. Weed seeds are no exception, as they thrive and germinate when watered every day. If you would like to discourage weeds, it is generally better to water deeply once or twice per week, as opposed to smaller amounts every day. 

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Regular Slice Seeding and bare spot patching will make it tougher for weeds to get established and thrive.

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Grass Heart

Foundation Program

All lawns need care and maintenance and our Natural Foundation Organic Lawn Care Program is the place to start.

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Natural Weed Buster

If you have more dandelions or weeds than you like, our all natural weed busters may help give the grass the edge.

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Lawn Mower

Mowing Tips

Read about the proper methods of mowing your lawn to fight weeds naturally, and encourage greener, healthier grass.

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