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Organic Grub Control

Reduce Grubs Naturally with Soil Organisms, Not Toxic Chemicals

Organic Grub Control

You do not need toxic chemicals to prevent damage from Grubs. Our naturally occurring Grub Control keeps Grubs from destroying your lawn and fights fleas at the same time. 

White Grubs, which are the larvae of Beetles (Japanese, Masked Chafer, etc.), lay eggs in the soil during the Summer. Grubs emerge and start feeding on your lawn in the early Fall. Sadly, by the time grub activity is discovered, the damage has already been done. The lawn will turn brown quickly and pull up like carpeting, due to extensive root damage. The cost to replace a damaged lawn could be expensive.

We can help. Good Nature uses naturally-occurring and non-toxic microorganisms, called nematodes, which feed on turf-damaging insects. As an added positive, university studies have proved that the more good nematodes you have, the fewer turf-damaging insects and the fewer weeds you’ll have!

Our Organic Grub Control is the environmentally safe way to go. Did you know that the popular chemical grub treatments have been linked to the death of thousands of birds and the collapse of the honeybee colonies?

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Grubs Stealing Nutrients From Healthy Soil
Lifecycle of a Japanese Beetle, White Grub

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