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Organic Land Care

Good Nature is Here to Help You Discourage Pests Without Chemicals. 

The Good Nature Difference

Enjoy a beautiful landscape without regular chemical applications. Good Nature's Organic Land Care Services can suppress weeds in your mulch beds and keep your trees and shrubs healthy and vibrant.  

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The Problem

Ordinary companies expose your family to chemicals by spraying insecticides into the air around your home and herbicides into your mulch beds to kill weeds.

Our Promise

Good Nature uses compost tea, natural plant oils, beneficial natural organisms and organic weed suppressors to keep your landscape looking great, without chemicals.

Organic Land Care

A nice yard improves the value of your home and your overall wellness. The good news is that you can have a beautiful yard without chemical treatments! Good Nature offers a full line of Organic Landscape Care services to meet your needs, the natural way.

Organic Tree & Shrub Care

If you want to protect your new landscape investment, save your favorite old tree, or make your shrubs healthier, we have solutions.

Organic Mulch Bed Weed Suppression

Do you hate pulling weeds, but don't want to use Roundup in your Mulch Beds? Our Mulch Bed Weed Buster answers this problem.  

Organic Mosquito, Flea & Tick Suppression

Do you want to keep Mosquitoes, Ticks, and Fleas out of your yard without resorting to insecticides? Our Yard Bug Barrier can help.

Organic Land Care Services

For A Beautiful Yard Without Chemicals

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Natural Tree Care

Support Your Trees With Organic Land Care

If you love your trees and shrubs, and know how much it costs to replace them if they die, then you know it makes sense to spend a small amount annually to protect your largest landscape investment. Now you can keep your Trees and Shrubs healthy, without spraying poisons into the air around your home. Our expert Arborist will help implement the right plan for your trees and landscape. 

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Tree & Shrub Plan

Organic Tree Care Program keeps your yard beautiful
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Intelligent Pruning

Our experts prune for plant health and beauty.
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Ash Borer Fix

Restore your Ash Tree to full health with our treatments
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Tree Saving Plan

Protect your favorite Tree with our Natural Program
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Weed Pulling Square

Mulch Bed Weed Buster

Combat Weeds in Your Landscape Naturally

Don't feel like spending your summer pulling weeds or spraying them with a chemical? If you could use a little help suppressing the weeds in your mulch beds, or patio, consider our special program. We spray your mulch beds about once per month over the summer to help keep the weeds at bay.  

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