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Organic Pest Solutions

Natural Solutions to Suppress the Pests in Your Yard and Around Your Home

The Good Nature Difference

You don’t want to be bitten by ticks, eaten for dinner by mosquitoes, or have ants enjoying your food! However, you also don't want chemicals. This is where Good Nature can help. Instead of synthetic chemical insecticides, like Pyrethroids and Neonicotinoids, we use Natural Plant Extracts to keep pesky bugs from ruining your day.

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The Problem

Chemical insecticides pose risks for people, pets, birds, and bees. Many companies market their services as being safe and naturally based. In reality, their products contain synthetic chemical versions of natural solutions, which are far more toxic.

Our Promise

Instead of dangerous chemicals, Good Nature relies on Natural Plant Extracts like Garlic, Cedar, and Neem Oil, as well as the product Diatomaceous Earth, to keep bugs from biting you. We never include Pyrethroids, Neonicotinoids, or toxic chemicals. 

Organic Pest Solutions

We offer natural solutions to suppress the pests in your yard. 

Fight Mosquitoes

If you'd rather eat outside than be eaten outside, try our natural Yard Bug Barrier Program to keep biting bugs, like Mosquitoes, out of your yard, leaving you to enjoy the outdoors without pests or chemicals.

Fight Ticks & Fleas

Worried about Ticks or Fleas for you or your pets? Our all natural Yard Bug Barrier treatments help minimize their numbers in your yard. If you're especially concerned about Fleas & Ticks, adding a Spring Insect Control treatment, using beneficial nematodes, can also really help.

Ants in Your Home?

Our Home Bug Barrier treatment will help keep ants and other crawling insects from invading your home. We use cedar chips, and natural plant oils, to keep bugs from wanting to enter your home.

Mice Issue?

Our Natural Rodent Barrier is a completely organic treatment that makes mice, rats, and other rodents more interested in your neighbor's home than yours.

Natural Pest Solutions

Fight Pests Without Chemicals

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Organic Pest Solutions

Effective, All Natural Pest Control Alternatives

You don't need chemicals to avoid being eaten by pests. If you're looking for safer ways to minimize bugs and rodents in and around your home, Good Nature can help.

Home Bug Barrier

Our Natural Home Bug Barrier Treatments are a safe solution for Ants and Bugs.
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Yard Bug Barrier

Keep pesky Ticks, Mosquitoes, and Fleas out of your yard with our all natural sprays.
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Natural Rodent Barrier

Our Natural Rodent Barrier discourages Mice and Rodents from infesting your home.
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