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Lawns Need Care, Not Chemicals

Since 1999, Good Nature Organic Lawn Care has been helping homeowners, just like yourself, enjoy safer, chemical free lawns and landscapes. 

Our earth-friendly approach creates a healthy, beautiful lawn from the inside out. Organic fertilizers nurture healthy soil and naturally thick grass, while natural feed and weed treatments build your lawns resistance to weed growth. You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your kids and pets are playing on a safer, chemical-free lawn.

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Experience the peace of mind that comes from having your yard treated by organic experts, who use safer, natural, plant-based products, instead of (not in addition to) potentially harmful chemicals.

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Organic Lawn Care

You can have a beautiful lawn without constant chemical applications. Good Nature can help you feel good about your lawn.

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Tree Heart

Organic Land Care

Want to keep weeds out of your mulch beds or your Trees & Shrubs healthy, naturally? Check out our Organic Land Care Services.

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Pest Lawn Bug

Organic Pest Solutions

Want to keep Mosquitoes, Ticks & Fleas out of your yard or Ants out of your home? You can do it without ordinary toxic chemicals.

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Make A Difference, Naturally.

Make the World a Little Better, One Organic Person at a Time.

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Organic Program

The place to start is our Organic Foundation Lawn Care Program, providing the nutrients your lawn needs, as well as Natural Pest, Disease, and Weed Suppression.

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Eco Weed Buster

Instead of chemical killers, we use natural ingredients and micronutrients to strengthen your grass and weaken your weeds naturally, without all the chemicals.

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Natural Tree Care

We regularly apply compost tea and botanical sprays, instead of chemical insecticides & fungicides, to keep your trees & shrubs healthy, happy and vibrant.  

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Yard Bug Barrier

Keep ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas out of your yard and away from your family with natural plant oils like Cedar, Garlic, and Peppermint, not Pyrethroid sprays.

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What To Expect

You can rest assured, knowing your kids and pets are playing on a safer, chemical-free lawn.

We listen to you, in order to understand how you would like your lawn and landscape to look. We will continuously customize a plan to meet your specific needs and budget.

The truth is, Organic Lawn Care can take a bit longer to be effective, but the results and peace of mind are well worth the wait. We will do our absolute best to give you an organic landscape you feel great about.

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I really appreciated their truthful approach. But most importantly, their products work. My grass is as green as ever after several years of their treatment, without using chemicals that harm the environment. 

Judith T, Cleveland

You guys are doing very well!  I want to congratulate you on the, without exaggeration, finest customer service I've ever had from a lawn care company. Keep up the good work!

Adam B, Cleveland

Everything looks great and I have been highly satisfied with the service! We have already received multiple compliments regarding our lawn and how great it looks.

Matt B, Columbus

You guys should have a bigger sign in my yard. I've received several compliments and it's a busy street. Even the mayor asked for your name. Lot's of people use chemical services. And what's crazy is how many have dogs and pets.

Randy K, Cleveland

Our grass was covered with dandelions. My husband owns his own landscaping business and wanted to treat our yard. Being we live a mostly organic lifestyle, I encouraged him to try Good Nature. After a year we are amazed at how few dandelions we have. Our lawn looks great and the best thing is, we have peace of mind knowing our children aren't playing in chemicals.

Cara B, Akron

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Resource Center

Good Nature has helpful information on a variety of Lawn and Land Care topics. Our goal is to provide you with the resources necessary to achieve the healthy, lush, green lawn you desire.

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Questions When Choosing A Lawn Care Company

There is a lot of confusing marketing around Organic Lawn Care. We share helpful insight and questions you can ask to ensure you understand what is being provided by the lawn care company you are looking to hire. 

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Chemical Lawn Sign Yard

Expert Insight

What Exactly Is Hybrid Organic Lawn Care?

Choosing an Organic Lawn Care company is hard, especially when you see words like hybrid or organic based. Here are 4 key differences between hybrid and true organic lawn care companies.

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Sustainable Micro Plastic Hands Beach

Helpful Tips

Reducing Single-Use Plastic Consumption

We've been learning more and more about microplastics and how they're interrupting ever corner of our lives. We want to share easy ways to reduce your plastic use at home or in the office and recommendations for some of our favorite finds.

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Organic Solutions

How To Control Grubs In Your Lawn, Naturally!

Good Nature uses naturally occurring microorganisms, called Beneficial Nematodes, which feed on turf-damaging insects, and help deter weeds. If you think you have a grub problem, we have an organic solution for you. 

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