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About Us

Making the World a Better Place, One Organic Person at a Time

Good Nature Organic Lawn Care exists to bring safer, natural solutions to people like you, who want to make the world a better place. If you're looking to have a beautiful, well-maintained lawn and landscape, but don't want to resort to using harmful chemicals, we can help. Since our founding in 1999, we've been providing people just like you with chemical-free Organic Lawn Care, Organic Land Care and Organic Pest Solutions. 


The History of Good Nature Organic Lawn Care

Alec Truck Square

April 1999

Good Nature Organic Lawn Care is started by Alec McClennan in Cleveland, Ohio.

Jenn & Kangaroo Square
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

February 2001

Don Krock takes a chance and hires a startup company to care for the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Grounds.

Hand Spreading Corn Meal
Product Innovation

December 2002

Good Nature starts using Corn Gluten Meal to fight weeds with an organic approach.

Columbus Square
Good Nature Columbus Opens

January 2008

Matt Cellura travels South to open Good Nature Columbus.

Good Year Blimp - Akron
Good Nature Akron Opens

February 2011

Good Nature Akron opens to extend organic lawn care services to clients outside of the greater Cleveland area.

Indianapolis Pagoda Square
Good Nature Indianapolis Opens

September 2018

Ed Hall joins the team and begins offering Good Nature's healthier lawn and land care approach to Indianapolis residents.

Chemical Free Lawn Care

Good Nature provides all the organic matter and nutrients your lawn needs, and none of the harmful chemicals you, and our world, can do without. 

Natural Weed Suppression Techniques

We use natural proteins and micro-nutrients to fight weeds naturally

No 2,4-D, Dicamba or Roundup

Natural Insect Suppression Methods

We use beneficial biology & plant oils to discourage pests, naturally  

No Pyrethroids or Neonicotonoids 

Natural Problem Grass Suppression Treatments

We use slow release protein meal fertilizers to fight crabgrass

No Pre-Emergent Chemicals

Chemical Free

We care for your lawn and landscape in a way that allows us to completely eliminate weed killers, insecticides and other potentially hazardous chemicals so that you and your family can safely enjoy your beautiful yard. Good Nature doesn't just add a little bit of organic matter to our fertilizers, like "organic based" lawn care companies do. 


Good Nature continuously innovates to create lawn and plant care programs that keep your yard looking great, without chemicals. When you hire Good Nature, you're helping to fund research and development that will change the lawn and land care industry and make it easier for others to avoid chemicals in the future!


We are all one big family at Good Nature, and our clients are a big part of that. We believe in giving our best, so everyone prospers from our passion.


Interested in a career in the Green Industry? Good Nature is always looking for great people to join our team and help up improve lawn and land care.