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Organic Tree & Shrub Care Enhances the Vitality of Your Landscape

Protect Your Trees by Avoiding Chemicals

If you love your trees and shrubs, and know how much it costs to replace them if they die, then you know that it makes sense to spend a small amount annually to protect your largest landscape investment. Now you can keep your trees and shrubs healthy, without spraying poisons into the air around your home.

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Our Natural Tree Care Promise.

We Strengthen the Natural Defenses of Your Trees, Without Chemicals.

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Why Your Trees & Shrubs Need Our Help

Your landscape trees and shrubs are meant to grow in a natural forest environment. They need a little extra help to survive and thrive in your yard.

The soil in your yard is not exactly virgin forest soil. In many cases it doesn't hold a lot of nutrients and can be very low on biology. Soil biology plays a huge role in both feeding and protecting your Trees and Shrubs from pests. There are studies that show when a plant is under attack from a pest, it sends a signal through its roots to soil bacteria, which then triggers the plants natural defense system to discourage the pest. Without good soil biology, you'll be more likely to need chemical pesticides! This is why the foundation of our Tree & Shrub Program is adding beneficial microbes and natural botanicals to enhance good soil biology. 

Did you know that most trees are planted too shallow, or too deep? They might look great for 5-10 years, but eventually, they die from Girdling Roots or Trunk Decay. When planted improperly, trees never have the chance to deeply secure their roots in the existing soil, resulting in an unstable, and hazardous plant. Good Nature can fix these problems and give you a landscape you feel great about! 

Why Not Use Chemical Tree Care Programs?

Chemical Programs pump the plants full of nitrogen, which cause the plants to grow quickly and develop large leaf surfaces. These leaves are really tasty to pests because when you push a plant to grow, it has fewer resources to put into defending itself, so pests love it! It's no wonder that once you start fertilizing your trees chemically, you also happen to need the more poisonous chemicals to prevent pests. The below chart shows the normal defense a plant has organically, versus the decreased defense it has after being exposed to chemical fertilizers.



When Intelligent Pruning is Needed

Regular Pruning keeps your Trees and Shrubs healthier and more attractive. Pruning is a key way to suppress insects, naturally. Our Pruning experts know how to Prune for best results, we never just shear plants.

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When to Try Our Ash Borer Treatment

Emerald Ash Borers have destroyed many Ash trees across the country and will continue to do so until natural predators increase in number. If you would like to help your tree survive until Emerald Ash Borer is less rampant as a pest, we can help.

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When to Try Our Tree Saving Program

Do you have a Tree that makes your yard special? One you'd love to see survive for years? If so, our Tree Saving Program can eliminate the number one cause of death for specimen trees, Compacted Soil. Using state of the art tools, we can relieve Compaction, add Organic Matter, remove Girdling Roots, and relieve Trunk Decay, to help your tree enjoy a long healthy life. 

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Tree & Shrub Plan

Protect your landscape investment with our organic maintenance program.

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Tree Pruning

Intelligent Pruning

Keep your Trees and Shrubs healthy and beautiful with regular expert pruning. 

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Pest Ash Borer

Ash Borer Fix

Keep your Ash trees alive until nature comes to the rescue with our Ash Borer Treatment.

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Tree Hand

Tree Saving Plan

Protect your favorite trees with our Natural Tree Protection Service.

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