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Organic Athletic Fields

A Better Way For Our Kids To Play

The Good Nature Difference

It's a great feeling for kids to run out onto a playing field of thick healthy grass. Unfortunately, too many local communities unknowingly apply chemicals to their fields—chemicals that are known to be harmful to children. But there is a safer way. Here's how Good Nature can help.

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The Problem

Playing fields are often treated with an array of chemicals to kill weeds, insects and diseases. And, children are more susceptible than adults to pesticides. That's because kids take in more pesticides relative to their weight. Plus, their detoxification system is not fully developed and their developing organ systems are more vulnerable. (National Academy of Sciences)

A Safer Way

Good Nature keeps athletes safer by eliminating the use of chemical insecticides, weed killers, and fungicides on playing fields. We manage weeds, insects, and disease by encouraging healthy turf growth and feeding playing fields with organic materials and nutrients that grass likes, but weeds don’t. The result is healthy, safer playing fields and true peace of mind.

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Organic Athletic Field Maintenance

Good Nature offers a full line of athletic field services designed to keep your turf healthy and happy. If you prefer to do your maintenance in-house, we’re glad to act as an advisor to help you maintain your fields without chemicals. Each program is uniquely customized, based on your desired results for each field, the current condition of the fields and your budget. We will work with you to meet your goals.

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Key Ingredients for Healthy Athletic Fields

Healthy Soil • Good Grasses • Natural Weed Suppression • Organic Pest Suppression

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Organic Field Fertilization

Balanced Soil Promotes and Sustains Healthy Grass Growth 


All good fertility programs start with a Laboratory Soil Analysis and a Field Assessment. If it is impossible to do this because of the time of the year, we'll start with general healthcare treatments and test prior to Fall fertilization. Good Nature uses a variety of materials, usually plant proteins, beneficial microorganisms, plant oils, concentrated organic matter, and micro-nutrients to improve the health of your soil and turf. The specific materials used may vary based on your soil test results and field plan.

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Natural Weed Suppression

Suppress Weeds Without Chemicals


We manage weeds by balancing your soil and applying nutrients that your turf likes, but weeds don’t like. There will be some weeds, but far fewer than doing nothing. At Good Nature, we believe playing on a few weeds is better than playing on a lot of chemicals.

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Athletic Field Seeding

The Best Playing Fields Start With Quality Grass Types


Seeding is one of the most critical elements of any athletic field plan. Regularly seeding high traffic areas will prevent weeds and improve the quality of the playing surface, as well as the safety. We seed with a variety of methods depending on what will most optimally meet the demands of your situation.

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Athletic Field Topdressing

Provides the Nutrients Needed for a Thick and Green Field

In some cases, topdressing with compost, sand, or soil makes sense. We'll make recommendations to use your available budget to its fullest. Compost can provide slow release nutrients and gradually improve soil permeability and wear tolerance. Soil may be appropriate to fill in low spots and wear areas. In the right circumstances, sand can improve field play and drainage.

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Microclover On Athletic Fields

Microclover is Easily Maintained and Discourages Weeds 

On many fields in Europe, Microclover is a regular part of the seed mixes. It tolerates low mowing, reduces fertility costs and naturally prevents other more objectionable weeds. Good Nature offers overseeding with Microclover as an option to improve the the appearance, durability and maintenance of any athletic field. 

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Athletic Field Aeration

Alleviates Soil Compaction and Improves Overall Field Health

Good Nature offers a variety of Aeration options including standard Core Aeration, Liquid Aeration and Aeravator Coreless Aeration. Our treatments will gradually help relieve compaction, increase water absorption, improve soil, strengthen root health and promote grass growth.

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