Rodent Mouse

Organic Rodent Barrier

Discourage Rodents With an Organic Approach

Natural Rodent Barrier

Want to keep Mice out of your home? Our Organic Rodent Barrier creates a natural barrier around your home keeping Mice & Rodents away without causing problems for people or pets.

Keep Mice & Rodents Out

Instead of resorting to poisons in the home, why not keep them from coming inside in the first place? That's what Good Nature does for you with our all natural and organic Rodent Repellent Program.  Monthly treatments drive over 24 different animal pests away from your home. 

Keep the chemicals out of the house and  use our natural and organic repellent program.

Typical Ingredients: Organic Cinnamon Oil, Organic Clove Oil, Organic Peppermint Oil, Organic Garlic, Organic White Pepper, Organic Rosemary, Organic Thyme.

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