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Organic Lawn Care

Lawns Need Care, Not Chemicals

The Good Nature Difference

You can have a beautiful lawn without all the chemicals. Good Nature can help. We've been helping people just like you enjoy safer, healthier, and more environmentally-friendly, chemical free lawns sine 1999. 

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The Problem

Ordinary lawn care chemicals have the potential to cause all kinds of health issues. Your lawn is supposed to contribute positively to your overall health. It should be a place that you and your family can run around, get some exercise and enjoy the fresh air. Why cover your yard with potentially dangerous chemicals if you can have a nice lawn without them?

Our Promise

Our focus at Good Nature is to keep your family and pets safer by eliminating chemical insecticides, weed killers, and fungicides. Instead, we manage weeds, insects, and diseases by encouraging healthy grass growth and feeding your lawn organic materials and nutrients that your grass likes, but weeds don't like. You get a beautiful lawn, without all the chemicals.  

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Natural Foundation Organic Lawn Care ProgramTM

Our Organic Foundation Lawn Care Program consists of 8 treatments, completed in 6 visits over the course of the season. This program provides the essential nutrients that your lawn needs, in addition to Natural Pest, Disease, and Weed Suppression. Rather than pesticides, Good Nature uses organic and feed quality ingredients, such as, vegetable proteins, plant extracts, micronutrients, and plant oils to feed your lawn and help it resist insects and weeds.

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Early Spring

Jump Start Your Lawn & Suppress Crabgrass
Organic & Feed Quality Micro Nutrients & Fertilizers

Spring or Fall

Two Treatments to Strengthen Your Grass to Suppress Weeds
Organic & Feed Quality Micro Nutrients & Plant Proteins

Late Spring

Suppress Weeds Naturally and Prepare Your Lawn for Summer
Organic & Feed Quality Nutrients, Organic Matter, Beneficial Microbes

Early Summer

Relieve Summer Stress & Suppress Insect Pests
Organic & Feed Quality Nutrients, Beneficial Microbes, Plant Oils 

Late Summer

Relieve Summer Stress & Suppress Insect Pests
Organic & Feed Quality Nutrients, Beneficial Microbes, Plant Oils 

Early Fall

Encourage Root Growth & Feed Soil Microbial Life
Organic & Feed Quality Fertilizers, Organic Matter, Beneficial Microbes

Late Fall

Prepare Your Lawn For Winter & Improve Your Soil
Organic & Feed Quality Nutrients, Natural Sulfate of Potash

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Feel Good About Your Lawn. Good Nature Is Here To Help!
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Key Ingredients for a Beautiful Lawn

Natural Weed Suppression  Good Grasses • Healthy Soil  Organic Pest Suppression  Home Care

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Fight Weeds Naturally

Suppress Lawn Weeds Without Chemicals

If your lawn is particularly weedy or if you really dont like weeds in your lawn, you might benefit from additional natural weed Suppression treatments like our Natural Weed Busters. These treatments encourage healthy grass growth and discourage weeds.

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Foundation Program

Providing the necessary nutrients, this is the starting point for a healthy, organic lawn.
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Natural Weed Buster

Our Natural Weed Busters weaken your weeds by strengthening your grass.
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Mowing Tips

Fight weeds naturally by knowing the proper methods of mowing your lawn.
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Good Grasses

The Best Lawns Start With Quality Grass Types

Grass types are probably the key factor in how your lawn looks. Older weedy grasses like Creeping Bentgrass, Rough Bluegrass, and Fine Fescue usually do not perform well in the heat and can look especially bad during the summer. If you have crummy mixed grasses in your lawn, we can help. From complete Lawn Renovation to Slice Seeding, Good Nature can improve your grasses to improve your lawn.

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Replace your lawn with modern grasses that stand up better to pests and weathering.
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Slice Seeding

Improve the appearance of your lawn and fight weeds naturally with Slice Seeding.
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Add Microclover for a greener lawn that naturally fights weeds and pests.
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Healthy Soil 

Balanced Soil Discourages Weeds

If you live in a new home, less than 15 years old, it is likely that your soil is not healthy or balanced. It was bulldozed around and lost all the life. A Laboratory Soil Analysis is a great start but other services like Liquid AerationCore Aeration, Pelletized Compost Topdressings, and Organic Soil Boosters may be appropriate to bring your soil to life.

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Soil Analysis

The best way to improve your soil is to first understand it. Soil Analysis helps us do that.
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Core Aeration

Relieves your lawn from the problems associated with heavy thatch & compaction.
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Improve the soil quality & appearance of your lawn with our Compost Topdressing.
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Reduce Lawn Pests

Natural Grub & Pest Suppression

Our Organic Foundation Program will naturally discourage grubs and pests. However, if you have specific pest issues, you might want to consider additional services to suppress these potentially harmful and unwanted critters, naturally.

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Organic Grub Control

Keep Grubs from destroying your lawn naturally, with beneficial nematodes.
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Spring Insect Control

Suppress Billbugs, Black Vine Weevil and Fleas naturally, with our safe treatments.
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Mole Digging Suppression

Our Natural Mole Suppression Solution prevents moles from digging up your lawn.
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What You Can Do

How to Mow and Water for a Healthy Lawn

Mowing properly is the most important thing you do for a healthy lawn and watering incorrectly can can cause more damage than not watering at all. See below to learn how you can discourage weeds by mowing and watering correctly. 

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Mowing Tips

Knowing how to mow properly is the most important ingredient for a beautiful lawn.
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Watering Tips

Watering your lawn correctly can help prevent unsightly weeds and lawn diseases.
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Robot Mowing

Are you interested in making mowing more easy and quiet? Check out our Lawn Robots.
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