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Organic Services

Good Nature offers a wide array of Organic Lawn Care, Land Care, and Pest Solution Services, so you can enjoy a beautiful yard and peace of mind knowing it's maintained by Good Nature.
Grass Hands Heart

Organic Lawn Program

All lawns need care and maintenance and our Natural Foundation Organic Lawn Care Program is the place to start.

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Natural Weed Buster

If you have more dandelions or weeds than you like, our all natural weed busters may help give the grass the edge.

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Lawn Renovation

Is your lawn a patchwork of problem grasses? Want it to look greener, more uniform, and less weedy? 

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Grass Growth

Slice Seeding

Slice Seeding your lawn with tough, modern grasses is a great way to improve its appearance and fight weeds, naturally.

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Boy Clover


Add Microclover to your lawn to keep it greener with less fertilizer and discourage weeds like dandelions, naturally.

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Hand Soil Grass

Soil Analysis

Laboratory Soil Analysis is a helpful first step to understanding your soil, so we can rebalance it and give you a great lawn.

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Compost Aeration

Core Aeration

Core Aeration is a temporary fix for compacted soils and heavy thatch. We'll let you know if it makes sense for your lawn.

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Grass Roots Liquid Aeration

Liquid Aeration

Liquid Aeration can help relieve compaction, increase water absorption, improve root health and benefit grass growth.

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Compost Topdressing Organic

Organic Compost

Add organic matter and beneficial biology with our pelletized Organic Compost Topdressing treatment.

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Pest Japanese Beetle

Organic Grub Control

Reduce grubs naturally with non-toxic soil organisms, not neonicotinoid chemicals, toxic to bees.

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Pest Billbug

Spring Insect Control

Suppress Billbug Grubs and other insects naturally with a spring treatment of beneficial nematodes.

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Rodent Mole

Mole Digging Suppression

To prevent further mole damage we recommend our Natural Mole Repellent Treatments monthly.

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Tree & Shrub Program

Maintain the value of your landscape with natural compost tea sprays, oils, and healthy nutrients, not chemicals.

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Tree Pruning

Intelligent Pruning

Our expert Arborists prune your small trees and shrubs correctly to maintain their health and beauty.

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Pest Ash Borer

Ash Borer Treatment

Emerald Ash Borers can kill an Ash Tree quickly. If you have a tree you would like to protect, we can help.

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Tree Hand-1

Tree Saving Program

Have a tree you love? Our Air-Knife services can help preserve its life by removing girdling roots and relieving compaction.

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Weed Pulling

Mulch Bed Weed Buster

Sick of pulling weeds in your mulch beds, patio, or driveway? We'll help you eliminate pesky weeds naturally, without Roundup.

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Pest Black Ant

Home Bug Barrier

Want to keep Ants and other bugs outside your home? Our Natural Bug Barrier Treatments are a safe solution.

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Girl Bug Bite Legs

Yard Bug Barrier

Keep pesky Ticks, Mosquitoes, and Fleas out of your yard with our all natural garlic oil sprays. We never use Pyrethroids.

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Rodent Mouse

Organic Rodent Barrier

Want to discourage Mice and Rodents from taking up residence in your home? Our Organic Rodent Barrier treatments can help.

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Lawn Mower

Mowing Tips

Read about the proper methods of mowing your lawn to fight weeds naturally, and encourage greener, healthier grass.

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Sprinkler Orange

Watering Tips

It's important to know the correct methods of watering to encourage healthy grass and discourage weeds.

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Robot Mowing

Robot Mowing

Are you interested in making mowing more quiet and easy? Check out our Lawn Robots to make mowing your lawn effortless.

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