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Our Mission

"Making the world a little better place, one organic landscape at a time!"


I started Good Nature Organic Lawn Care in 1999 with an old Subaru hatchback, a few willing clients and a dream. A dream to provide a safer way to care for our lawns. Today our company is proud to serve thousands of great clients who enjoy healthier, heartier, more robust lawns that are resistant to weeds and extremely friendly to children, pets, and our environment – all because of our organic lawn care services throughout Ohio!

Back in high school, my biology teacher taught us about the problems lawn fertilizers and chemical uses in a nearby suburb were having on a local trout stream.  Later that year, my dad asked me to spread a popular weed & feed on our lawn.  But, when I read the back of the bag I told him that I wouldn't do it.  After a while, my dad gave in, but told me, "I'll take the fertilizer back to the store, but you need to find another way to keep the lawn looking nice."  Bummer.  I thought I was getting out of a job, but now I got a bigger job!  I did research into organic lawn care and began treating my parent's lawn organically.  Then, after graduating from college with a degree in engineering, I decided to see if the rest of Cleveland would be interested in treating their lawns organically...just like I treated my parent's lawn.  And, Good Nature Organic Lawn Care was born.

That was 1999, and today thousands of our neighbors are experiencing the peace of mind that comes from treating their lawns with all natural products rather than with harmful chemicals.  I hope you'll consider joining us!



Congratulations Good Nature on receiving the 2015 Award for the Top Member Company with Landscape Industry Certified Staff from the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

National Association of Landscape Professionals Award

From Our Clients

“ We have been pleased by the professional service of the Good Nature staff, and have recommended them to our friends. ”

Paul and Mary Jenks

“ We love our front lawn and so do dogs, kids and their parents. ”

Greg Slawson and Candice Lee

“ I also like supporting working with a locally owned and operated company that provides a personal touch. I have recommended Good Nature to my neighbors and friends and will continue to do so. ”

Eileen Muray

“ The question for me is NOT "Why would you use Good Nature?" The question is "Why wouldn't you?" ”

Dottie Barnard

“ I hired Good Nature to take out my old lawn , prepare the soil, and then reseed it. Alec, the president, talked to me about the service. He pointed out that the grass seed available now is much more hardier and a better choice for my lawn. To try and mix that in with other grasses was never going to get the same results as starting from scratch. Good Nature also had a payment plan that made it very affordable. I was able to make a major investment and manage my finances. ”

Jean Appleby
"Making the world a little better place, one organic landscape at a time"
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