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Seeding Options in the late fall and early winter - Slice or Broadcast Seeding?

When you think about planting grass, spring comes to mind as the best time. But, can you believe that it's not only not the best time, it isn't even the second best time. The best time to seed your lawn is in the late summer when the soil is warm and there isn't much weed competition.The second best time to seed your lawn isnt the spring though, it's the winter. That's right, it is not too late to get a jump on your new spring lawn.As long as the ground is not frozen, Good Nature can use a Slice Seeder to get those hardy seeds into the ground so they're ready to germinate come warmer spring weather.

In fact, there are some benefits to Dormant Seeding in the late fall and early winter:

*Winter Seedings are less reliant on watering because the soil is typically wet coming out of winter and spring rains are likely. Watering come spring however will improve the odds of a successful seeding, especially if we get some dry spells.

*The snow on your lawn through winter will help the seed get deeper under the ground.

*By the time the soil is dry enough to seed in the spring, you usually miss out on good rains that would help seed germinate. Seeding in the winter eliminates that problem.

So what is Dormant Seeding?

Dormant Seeding involves seeding your lawn when the lawn is dormant over the winter. Dormant Seeding relies on the freeze/thaw cycles to help pull the seed into the soil where it will be ready to germinate come spring time.

Dormant Seeding Slice Seeding

Here's how the Dormant Seeding process works.

Step 1: Wait for the Lawn to Go Dormant

We'll typically seed your lawn sometime between November and April while the grass is not growing and the new seed will not germinate for some time.

Step 2: Decide on the Seeding Method

You can choose to have us broadcast seed (less effective) or use a special slice seeding machine to help improve seed to soil contact. Slice Seeding is more effective, but if you're ever going to do a broadcast seeding, it will be most effective as a dormant seeding. If your lawn already looks great and you're just trying to keep it that way, a Dormant Broadcast Seeding is a good economical choice.If your lawn is pretty thin and you're really trying to improve it, a Dormant Slice Seeding would be the best choice.

Here's how the Slit Seeding Process works:

Slit Seeding

The lawn below had large bare spots due to lack of sun and water damage. Using the Slice seed service, you can see the slit created and seed applied.

Slice Seeding Spreading

Why would you need a Dormant Seeding Service?

According to Ohio State University, Dormant Seeding can be the next best time to seed after late summer.

Slice seeding and Broadcast Seeding helps lawns that have thin grass, bare spots, or growing problem grasses.

Before SeedingAfter Seeding

Although Slice Seeding(Super Seeding)is more more expensive than Broadcast Seeding, it improves the seed-to-soil contact as it plants the grass which is essential for germination. Studies have shown that that Slice Seeding your lawn can increase germination by as much as 60%, as compared to just scattering seed. Super seeding will not give you a new lawn, but it will help your existing lawn.

What To Expect From a Dormant Seeding

A Dormant Seeding is a way to gradually improve your lawn.You can't expect miracles and it is possible that the seeding could be a total failure if the weather doesn't cooperate (but that's true with any seeding). In general, with a dormant broadcast seeding you won't notice a huge difference, but you will be preloading your soil with some good grass seed to compete with weeds when bare spots emerge. With a Dormant Slice Seeding, you'll notice more of an improvement, but it isn't like putting in a new lawn.It should gradually thicken the lawn. I like to Dormant Slice Seed my lawn every year to keep it looking the best on the block without needing chemicals :).

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