Fall and Winter Organic Safety Tips

by Alec McClennan, on November 1, 2018

Winter Salting Sidewalk

Safe Storage of Lawn & Garden Products

It’s time to put many Summer items away for the Winter, including all those fertilizers, pesticides and other lawn & garden products that weren't used up. Safe storage of lawn care products is extremely important to safeguard your household pets. If you are moving lawn care products inside your garage for the Winter, please double check that they are securely and safely sealed and out of the reach of animals and small children. Consider replacing any toxic chemicals or pesticides with safer, healthier alternatives, which can be found at our Good Nature Online Store. Make sure that any bagged or boxed products are not accessible to rodents. They could chew an opening and leave materials all over your garage or shed.

Organic Rodent Control

As the temperature continues to drop, rodents move inside to find warmth and nesting locations. Please be very careful with any rodenticides. Read directions and labels carefully so you understand any risks associated with using them. Many are extremely dangerous to dogs and cats. If the poison or trap is baited, it may very well attract rodents instead of keeping them away. The same bait can also attract your own pet. Consider using Organic or Natural Repellents to keep rodents out of your house, garage, and shed. Products using natural ingredients, including garlic, cinnamon, clove, rosemary, peppermint, and thyme, help keep rodents outside where they belong due to their bad taste and smell. Now is the time to act, before they move indoors to create a holiday hazard.

Dog Paw Print Winter Snow

Seasonal Pet Safety Tips

Soon there will be snow and ice on our sidewalks and driveways, if it is not there already! Consider the safety, and comfort, of your outdoor friends by using eco-friendly or natural products to melt the snow and ice. Too many chemical ice-melt products contain ingredients harmful to the paws of pets, including cats and dogs. In addition, ice-melt chemicals run off our paved surfaces during a thaw. These chemicals can damage your lawn and landscape, pollute our nearby creeks, and eventually work their way into the same water we drink. Use a pet-friendly, environmentally safe product to melt snow and ice, such as Magic Salt. Keep your sidewalk and patio slip-free without causing harm to your pets or our environment.


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