Gifts for the Holidays!

by Kirsten Johnson, on November 28, 2015

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Good Nature Has A Few Gift Ideas For You!

The holiday season is just around the corner and what could be a more thoughtful present than the gift of a healthier, greener, more robust lawn, the natural way?

Weed Out Speedy Weedy Tool Dandelion

1. Weed Out

This effective lawn tool is both fun and easy to use! Just a simple push, twist, and pull will easily remove the largest weeds you encounter. You don’t even have to bend over or get your hands dirty! Once you start plucking out the weeds it's difficult to stop.

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Microclover Lawn Comparison Mowing Heat


Adding our unique Microgreen Microclover to your lawn will keep it greener during the Summer, reduce fertilizer use, decrease watering frequency and eliminate the need for chemical weed killers. Overtime the Microclover will thicken up and crowd out unsightly weeds like Dandelions and Crabgrass

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Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks

For anyone who needs a great stocking stuffer, Dog Rocks are perfect for those who love their pet, as well as their lawn. Dog rocks are an effective, innovative, convenient and 100% natural product used to stop urine burn patches from appearing on the lawn after your dog empties their bladder on your grass.

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Parker Neem Bar Soap


Ring in the new year feeling clean and green! These soaps offers the ancient healing properties of Neem, combined with the aesthetics of a delicately hand-crafted soap. These mild soaps are made from only the purest natural ingredients and are non-drying.

These soap bars are vegetable-based and consist of pure essential oils to rejuvenate and soothe skin. Neem soaps are beneficial for super sensitive skin types. These premium 100% natural soaps are animal fat free and do not make use of any chemical compounds or artificial fragrances.

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Good Nature Gift Card

Good Nature Gift Certificates

Good Nature Gift Certificates are now available for your family, friends and neighbors at any amount. They can use them to purchase products from our online store or for our many organic services. Contact us today to jumpstart your holiday gift giving.

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