Improve Your Soil

by Admin, on January 1, 2012


Nice and loose and easy to work with. Unfortunately the soil in your lawn probably isn't that way. If your lawn was installed recently (past 10 years) your soil has probably been bulldozed moved, had all the beneficial soil life destroyed and been compacted significantly. Even if your soil hasn't been disturbed for a while, it may be suffering from constant trampling and compaction by kids or pets. If you've been using a chemical lawn program, your soil life probably isn't thriving. Since grass roots grow in the air space between soil particles, your soil needs to be nice and loose if you want to have a healthy lawn. The following services can help - click on any of them for more information.


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Improve Your Soil

Improve Your Soil

Laboratory Soil Analysis

The best way to begin improving your soil is to first really understand what you are working with. Studies show that a soil with proper nutrient balance will support more biological life and grow a healthier more attractive lawn that is less prone to pest and weed problems. More Info

Core Aeration


Give your lawn a breath of fresh air! Grass roots need air space to function and in our heavy clay soils getting enough air to the roots can be difficult. With Core Aeration we poke holed into your soil and pull the cores out, leaving air space for the roots to grow in. More Info


Liquid Aeration

Core Aeration is great at temporarily solving problems with soil compaction and thatch, but our Liquid Aeration is perhaps a better long term solution because it works deeper into the ground and can have longer lasting effects than core aeration. It's also great if you have an invisible pet fence or sprinkler system and don't want to risk breaking either with the core aeration machine. More Info


Compost Topdressing

Want the best lawn on the block? Topdressing your lawn with a light layer of compost is a greenskeepers secret and is an excellent way improve your soil quality and overall appearance of your lawn. More Info


Organic Soil Builder

Want to get some compost into your soil without spending as much? Our Organic Soil Builder consists of a heavy application of dried and pelletized compost and is a more economical way to improve your soil. More Info


Bio Dethatch

Too much thatch leads to insect and disease problems which result in brown spots. Our natural thatch decomposing enzymes will go to work on your thatch helping to decompose it, naturally. More Info

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