Mice and Moles Love Our Mild Winter

by Alec McClennan, on April 4, 2019

Rodent Mole

With our warmer than normal Winter, mice and moles have been very active, above and below ground. With our recent thaw, you might have seen evidence of tunnels in your yard from field mice and moles burrowing under the snow. In fact, many of them will breed during this time of year, which means more of these critters will be around in the Spring.

Why do Mice and Moles Burrow on Your Property?

  • One reason might be that there's food nearby. If you have an abundance of insects in your soil, the mice and moles are more likely to use your yard as their feeding grounds. 
  • You may have sandy or soft soil around your yard or foundation. With our milder Winter, the ground did not freeze very far down, so mice and moles can burrow below the snow to get underground.
  • Another reason mice and moles might be burrowing in your yard, is if your neighbors made their property unfriendly to these critters.

How to Get Rid of Mice and Moles

One benefit of having these creatures in your yard, is that they can help create a healthy lawn by aerating your soil and getting rid of many pests in the ground. However, if you want them gone, there are a handful of approaches you can take.

  • Mice and moles don't like to burrow where the ground is too hard. To keep them out of your yard, water the areas where they're digging less, ensuring the soil stays more dry and difficult to penetrate. This may keep their tunnels on the perimeter of your lawn or closer to wooded areas.
  • Eliminate their food supply by controlling the amount of grubs and insects in the ground. Also, be sure to put any bird food in the garage in a closed metal container to avoid providing them with an easy snack. At Good Nature, we offer a handful of services to keep lawn pests at bay. Learn more about our Organic Lawn Pest Suppression Services
  • Another option is to trap the mice and moles. You can purchase a variety of indoor traps for mice in local stores. For moles, Good Nature's online store offers a Mole Trap that quickly eliminates them from your yard. If you want a professional to relocate them, you can find one at the Wildlife Removal website by entering your location and pest problem.
  • Finally, we sell a product that acts as a natural deterrent for moles, called Organic Mole Chase Granular. The number of applications needed varies depending on how severe your mole problem is and how much they like your lawn. This product can be used year round.
  • If mice find their way out of the cold and into your home, you can use No Escape Mouse Magic and watch them disappear! The all natural ingredients in Mouse Magic triggers escape and avoidance behaviors in mice, driving them from homes, sheds, patios, and garages. This unique method of rodent control combines the effectiveness of natural essential oils with the convenience of place pack technology.
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Whichever option you choose, we encourage you to take an organic and natural approach to protect our environment. If you have any additional questions or would like to sign up for our Rodent Suppression Program, please contact us.

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