Mosquito Yard Barrier

by Admin, on January 1, 2012



Eat outside, don't be eaten!  Enjoy your time in the yard without being attacked by mosquitoes!
Our all-natural yard spray made from all natural ingredients like Garlic, Cedar, and Peppermint Oils can repel mosquitoes and other flying insects from your yard for up to four weeks. This is perfect before a party or for just making your yard a more enjoyable place to spend time. Made from concentrated garlic, our application smells a little bit like a pizzeria for an hour or two and then becomes odorless to people. For a full season of Mosquito Suppression, we recommend four applications, which are conveniently located around three major summer holidays, so you can enjoy the yard on your holidays without mosquitoes enjoying you!!

* Late May / Early June
* Late June / Early July
* Late July / Early August
* Late August / Early September

Contact us today to setup your introductory application for $99 (up to 10,000 s.f.) OR

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