Preparing Your Mower for Winter Storage

by Kirsten Johnson, on November 12, 2015

Once the mowing stops you should tune it up and sharpen the blade so that it’s at peak performance for the Spring. A sharp blade and a smooth running engine will actually make your grass healthier and greener…Mowing with a sharp blade will help your lawn look better!

Dull Mower Blades


Take the time to prepare your mower for a long winter hibernation

Follow the steps below each fall or Contact Good Nature, if you are in our service area, to have us pickup your mower, give it the TLC described below and then return it to you in the spring.

Step 1: Drain The Gasoline

All the ethanol in our gasoline attracts condensation and causes your gasoline to become mixed with water when it sits for along time (like over the winter). The Ethanol in your gasoline is also corrosive and can damage the carburetor. To keep your lawn mower in good shape over the winter, you need to drain the gas. Note: We've found that fuel stabilizers do NOT work at preserving fuel over the winter. In many cases, they can make the situation worse.

Drain Gas

Mike is using a Siphon Pump for Fuel Transfer.

Step 2: Drain the Oil

Use a different siphon pump to get the majority of the oil out of your lawn mower first. Do not assume that this will remove all the oil. There is always a drain plug somewhere below the oil fill area that you'll need to remove to drain the rest of the oil out. They're never convenient or easy to get to so it's nice to make less of a mess by siphoning out as much as you can before removing the plug. Note: If you're going to be touching used motor oil, wear gloves not only to avoid the grime but also because it's not good for you.

Drain the Oil

Step 3: Check and Clean/Replace the Air Filter

It is important to check your filter. If the filter is slightly dirty is can be cleaned with an air compressor. If it looks pretty ratty, it's best to replace it.

Check and Clean/Replace the Air Filter

Step 4: Clean or Replace the Spark Plug

Clean or Replace the Spark Plug


Step 5: Sharpen & Balance or Replace the Blade

A dull mower blade can cause the lawn to look uneven of patchy. It can also damage the grass and make it susceptible to disease. If you are removing the blade yourself, be sure to disconnect the spark plug and wear gloves for safety.

Step 1B: Hire Someone Else

If you don't want to do all that yourself, find a local lawn and garden store.

If you are a current client, Good Nature will pick up your mower, tune it up, sharpen & balance the blades and return it to you for one low price. Contact Us For Information

More Detail

If you're ready to tackle this at home, these videos below should make it easier for you.


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