Ramps in Cleveland... \'Tis the Season!

by Leslie Marcuse, on January 27, 2014

For a beginner, Ramps can be hard to find. But once you acquire an eye for the smooth, narrow, and boat-tipped leaf with a red stalk, you'll suddenly realize how plentiful the plant really is in Northeast Ohio. Ramps are wild greens with a mild onion flavor. They are best done with simple preparations. Try to saute or grill them with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a squeeze a lemon. Read more here.

As foraging becomes a sustainable food trend, it is important to pick the plant properly to ensure its actual sustainability. Not only will pulling out the entire bulb make a mess in your kitchen, it will also keep it from returning the following year. Use scissors or a knife to remove the leaf and learn more here.




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