Safe Salting This Winter

by Kirsten Johnson, on December 20, 2021

Winter Salt Sidewalk

The icy cold weather is on it's way! It's time to think about how to keep your walkways clear of slippery ice without harming your walkways, plants, lawn, and pets. We have listed a few tips to help this winter when applying de-icers!

Step 1: Remove the top layer of snow using a shovel or snow blower. This will help the salt get directly to the ice.

Step 2: Apply the ice melt correctly. Using either a hand sifter or cup spread the ice melt thin and evenly. You don't need a lot of salt to get the desired results. You will need to wear gloves if you decide to toss the ice melt, some products can irritate or burn your hands.

Step 3: Protect your driveway, plants and lawn. Again, use ice melt in moderation. Products containing salt, although natural, in large amounts is not good for your walkways and vegetation. Try to keep the products off your lawn and plants. If you are concerned, water them when you get a break from the weather. You can also cover larger shrubs and bushes around the bases with burlap.

Step 4: Protect your Pets. When walking your dog, you won't be familiar with all the different products being used on your walkways. Although some products are pet friendly, take precautions by wiping your dogs paws when they come into the house, don't let them drink from puddles, and watch they don't eat pellets (especially smaller dogs)

Step 5: Read the packaging before applying. Don't assume that all ice melt products are the same. Some work better during certain temperatures or when the walkways are dry.

Additional Tips:

Never use an ice melt on concrete that’s less than 12 months old because newly poured concrete needs time to cure and settle. Applying an ice melt can weaken the concrete and make it more susceptible to future damage. Opt for sand or gravel to add traction.

Avoid spreading ice melt around plants and getting it on your lawn. You can try to save plants or grass by soaking the affected area with 1-inch applications of water three to four times in the spring or replacing the soil in a small bed, according to Margaret Hagen, agricultural field specialist at the University of New Hampshire’s Cooperative Extension.

Most traditional salts are toxic and can damage your yard when applied throughout the winter months. Good Nature recommends a natural approach to keeping your walkways safe. Magic Salt is a great natural product that is both plant and pet friendly!

Magic SaltMagic Salt Is:

* Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt
* Pet & Plant Friendly Ice Melt
* More effective than traditional Rock Salt
* Safer to use on concrete

In addition, Magic Salt has a residual effect that will keep ice and snow from bonding to the pavement.

Purchase Today!

No matter what choice you make this winter, be sure to use these products in moderation and follow the above steps to keeping safe this winter.

Current clients can contact us about purchasing Magic Salt with low cost home delivery to any of our branches! 

Watch this video for more winter tips to help your lawn and plants survive the winter cold and ice.




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