The Importance of Proper Mixing for Effective Organic Lawn Treatments

by Alec McClennan, on December 20, 2019

Organic ingredients don’t all dissolve in water like synthetic ingredients typically do. Our spray mixes often rely on suspension to get tiny bits of good organic material into the soil. One of the keys to making sure that all the elements within the formulation are homogenous is to ensure that they are mixed properly. However, that’s easier said than done. Many times, the ingredients will stick to the bottom of the sides of a container. The larger the batch, the more challenging mixing it can be, and often, the longer it can take. At times the amount that does not get mixed into the product can lower the effectiveness of our lawn treatment products, something we’ve observed. That’s why we switched to Even MixTM and their mixing equipment, but not before using several other high-end industrial tote mixers.

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We Guarantee Even Consistency & Concentration

Now all our lawn treatment products are either sprayed directly, or after the ingredients have been diluted in water. That’s why mixing is such a critical aspect of the whole process. As mentioned earlier, it can also be the most challenging aspect. 

At Good Nature, we take a two-pronged approach to making sure we yield the most homogenous mixture. The first being that we use patented mixing technology which speeds up the process. The second step is that we’re using the Even MixTM equipment to mix in large containers to ensure that the product remains consistent throughout every batch produced.

How Even MixTM Solves Our Mixing Problem

Trust us when we tell you that we’ve used some of the best, most expensive mixers available today to ensure that our buyers benefit from the best possible product. In doing so, we’ve been able to find what mixers work best for our products, and as it turns out, Even MixTM tends to work across our entire product range. It is a versatile mixer that offers the most homogenous results even for the most challenging formulations. 

Almost all mixers use a particular set of mixing blades, and that limits their ability. Even the most powerful motors coupled with those blades (traditional blades) could only get us so far. The inefficient design meant that many times the machines would have to be run at their highest RPMs for a long time to get the results we wanted. Plus, the mixers were injecting sheer and air at those high speeds, which isn’t really a problem for what we are blending, but it isn’t ideal as an industrial process. 

The Even MixTM uses patented mixing blade technology that’s designed by a former NASA Engineer. After using the mixer for our blends, we can safely say that it performs better while requiring less power. The key to the mixer’s secret, and something that the company echoes, is the mixing blade design, which prevents the contents from sticking to the sides or bottom of the container. 

The mixer also uses far less power than what our other mixers used. Plus, it requires fewer people to mount and remove when needed. Since we are an environmentally-conscious company, the power savings are something we appreciate. However, we are sure that future models will likely be even more power efficient, which is why we continue to work with Even MixTM and use their products.

We Handle the Mixing so You Don't Have to

We are aware of other eco-friendly, effective organic lawn products, however, none that are as easy to use. One reason why they aren’t easy to use is that they require the user to mix them often for several minutes. The problem, in our opinion, with leaving mixing up to the user is that most people don’t have the time to mix what might even be harmless natural ingredients. But mixing is a significant part of determining how effective the solution is going to be. That’s why the effectiveness reported often varies from one user to the next. Our products take mixing on the user’s end out of the equation. 

By mixing our organic lawn treatment solutions, we can assure buyers a consistent experience. It also saves time because all users need is to use our solutions out of the box without wasting any time on preparing the product. Furthermore, since we’re using the best mixers on an industrial scale, we can guarantee the best results possible, as compared to a home or business owner mixing the product on their own.

Innovation Built into Every Product

Good Nature is continuously innovating and evolving. Our organic lawn treatments have improved over the years, and with each new product, we are taking one step further to ridding the world of harmful chemicals. Whether it is using innovative new mixing technology like the latest Even MixTM mixers, or spending on research for better, more environmentally-friendly products, at Good Nature, our clients are a priority. 

By choosing Good Nature, buyers are helping fund research and development, which is instrumental in changing the lawn care and agriculture industry for the better. However, we are continuously focusing on minimizing our carbon footprint by using innovative green technology to conserve power. That’s why our buyers and clients can be assured not only of a product that’s green and eco-conscious, but also of our approach, which is just as sustainable with a minimal carbon footprint. 

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