Broadleaf Plantain

A Perennial Weed with Broad Leaves that Indicates Your Soil is Compacted

Weed Broadleaf Plantain

What Is Broadleaf Plantain?

Broadleaf Plantain is a perennial weed whose leaves can be crushed together to relieve the pain of insect bites. Check out this Broadleaf Plantain based recipe for an All Natural Alternative to Neosporin!

Why Do You Have Broadleaf Plantain?

Broadleaf Plantain indicates that your soil is compacted. There is not enough pore space for air and water, resulting in advantageous weeds to take over.

What Can You Do About Broadleaf Plantain?

To remove the Broadleaf Plantain quickly you can either pluck it with a weed pulling tool, such as Weed Out, or you can spot treat it with a chemical. However, if you don't do something about the soil compaction, it will continue to come back. Services that can help balance out the soil and relieve soil compaction would include Liquid Aeration, Core Aeration, Compost Topdressing and Soil Analysis. Adding one or two additional applications of our Natural Weed Buster per season can also further suppress Broadleaf Plantain growth, without resorting to chemicals. If these weeds really bother you, a spot chemical control spray in the Fall or Spring will kill them.

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