Chinch Bug Damage

Chinch Bugs Inject their Saliva into Grass in the Hot Sun, Turning it Brown

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What Is A Chinch Bug?

Chinch Bugs are difficult to recognize in the grass because they change their appearance so often. They also have predators that control their populations naturally that look almost identical to Chinch bugs! Many times people will see a bug that looks like a Chinch Bug and apply a chemical to kill them, not realizing that they are actually killing the beneficial predator and ultimately making the problem worse! Chinch Bugs are attracted to stressed turf growing in the hot sun. They suck a little juice out of the grass plant and inject their saliva into it, which turns the grass brown. Most of the time, your grass will recover on its own with some extra watering.

Why Do You Have Chinch Bug Damage?

If you have Chinch Bug Damage, it probably means that you have grasses that are weak and more susceptible to stress. With the hot Summer sun, this is not uncommon.

What Can You Do About Chinch Bug Damage?

You can fix just about any problem with seed, and if you use the right Chinch Bug-resistant grass seed that contains endophytes, such as Good Nature Tuff Turf, you shouldn’t have too many problems down the road. If you see Chinch Bugs, you can spread Insect Dust, also called Diatomaceous Earth, in the affected areas, which should slow them down.

Pest Chinch Bug Diagram Illustration

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