Coarse Tall Fescue

Patches of Rough Grass that Stay Green While the Lawn Turns Brown

Problem Coarse Fescue

What Is Old Fashioned Tall Fescue

The modern Turf Type Tall Fescue that we plant today is descended from Old Fashioned Kentucky 31 Type Tall Fescue. These patches will tend to stay green when the rest of the lawn turns brown for the Summer. Many times, Old Fashioned Tall Fescue is mistaken for Crabgrass, which it is not. It’s not a big problem at all if it doesn’t bother you.

What Can You Do About Coarse Tall Fescue?

The best method to ridding your lawn of Coarse Tall Fescue is to Slice Seed with Modern Turf Type Tall Fescue. This new blend works better with the Old Fashioned Tall Fescue. You can also consider killing the problem areas or the entire lawn, if it is a widespread issue, followed by reseeding or doing a Lawn Renovation.

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