Hairy Bittercress

A Fast Growing Winter Annual Weed with White Flowers, Visible in Spring

Weed Hairy Bittercress

What Is Hairy Bittercress?

Hairy Bittercress, is a Winter annual weed. As a Winter annual, it germinates sometime in the late Fall and becomes visible in the Spring. Its quick growth and white flowers make it very recognizable as the weather starts to warm.

Why Do I Have Hairy Bittercress?

A little Hairy Bittercress is normal. A lot of Hairy Bittercress could indicate that you’re mowing your lawn too short in the late Summer and early Fall, that your lawn is not thick or healthy enough to compete with the weed, or that your grass types might not be strong enough to discourage weed growth. Hairy Bittercress has become much more prolific in recent years.

What Can I Do About Hairy Bittercress?

Since Hairy Bittercress will die soon anyway, the bulk of your effort should go into improving your lawn to prevent it next year. If it really bothers you, you can pull it out very easily when you first see it in the Spring.

How To Prevent Hairy Bittercress Next Year?

Hairy Bittercress and other annual weeds will emerge where your lawn is not competing. It could be that you’re just mowing your lawn too short and keeping the grasses from competing. It could also be that the grass types you have are too old and weak and just don’t fight that well. If this is true for you, Lawn Renovation might be your best option. If you don’t want to go that far, simply Slice Seeding what you already have can also really help. If Hairy Bittercress is a definite problem, we recommend trying Liquid Aeration in the Fall. The reason we don't recommend Core Aeration is because it exposes soil and weed seeds just when Hairy Bittercress is germinating.

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