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It's a question we hear all the time - how do you kill weeds organically?  The short answer is that we really don't "kill" weeds.  Instead we focus on encouraging the plants we'd like to encourage (grass) to help it weaken and outcompete the weeds.  There are materials that we use that really help the grass that many typical weeds don't like.  Our Natural Weed Recede Tea and Natural Weed Busters are examples of these materials.  Made from a blend of micronutrients and humates, our natural weed suppression applications strengthen the grass to weaken the weeds.  Sometimes we'll even use a blast of freezing air to kill weeds that would normally not die until a frost occured.    

Our full program should provide enough natural weed suppression to keep weeds from getting too out of control, but on occasion you might want to add additional natural weed buster applications to give the grass a little more of an edge.

Here is an example of a lawn that shows how our natural weed suppression works.  The left side of the picture did not recieve any Natural Weed Buster treatments and the right side has recieved two.  Notice how many more weeds there are on the left side than the right side.


If you're a home owner or property owner living in the northeast Ohio region of Cleveland and Akron, or you reside a bit further south in the Columbus, Ohio area, feel free to contact us for an absolutely free, no-strings-attached organic lawn care treatment quote today.

We'll ask questions about your lawn via the phone or through an online form, and even measure your lawn using the Internet and satellite imagery. Then we'll email you an organic lawn care proposal, visiting your property in late spring or early summer to conduct a full-scale evaluation if you sign-up for our outstanding services.

And if you're outside of our northeast Ohio and central Ohio service areas, or you just enjoy handling your natural lawn care duties yourself, please visit our Organic Lawn Care Store for many excellent organic fertilizers, weed control/suppressants and insect control options.

Contact us today for a Free Quote to learn how you can enjoy a beautiful landscape, soft grass and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your entire family can enjoy a naturally maintained lawn, shrubs and trees.

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