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Chemical Tree and Shrub Programs are not the answer


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Organic Tree & Shrub Care

Organic Tree & Shrub Care

If you love your trees and shrubs, and know how much it costs to replace them if they die, then you know that it makes sense to spend a small amount annually to protect your largest landscape investment. Now you can keep your trees and shrubs healthy, without spraying poisons into the air around your home.

Why Your Trees and Shrubs Need Our Help

Chemical Tree and Shrub Programs are not the answer. Chemical Programs pump the plants full of nitrogen, which cause the plants to grow quickly and develop large leaf surfaces. These leaves are really tasty to pests because when you push a plant to grow, it has fewer resources to put into defending itself, so pests love it! It's no wonder that once you start fertilizing your trees chemically, you also happen to need the more poisonous chemicals to prevent pests.

The soil in your yard is not exactly virgin forest soil. In many cases, its recent basement soil doesn't hold a lot of nutrients and can be very low on biology. Soil biology plays a huge role in both feeding and protecting your trees and shrubs from pests. There are studies that show when under attack from a pest, the plant sends a signal through its roots to soil bacteria, which then triggers the plants natural defense system to discourage the pest. Without good soil biology, you'll be more likely to need chemical pesticides! This is why the foundation of our tree and shrub program is adding beneficial microbes and natural botanical to enhance good soil biology.

Tree Shrub Health Care Program

An alternative to pesticides, our Tree and Shrub Healthcare Program enhances the biological life of your trees and your soil...instead of creating a chemical dependency. Our compost tea and natural botanical sprays are packed with natural nutrients that are absorbed rapidly through leaves, bark, and roots. Think of these treatments as probiotics as opposed to the chemicals which are antibiotics. We help your plants help themselves and the end result is beautiful plants without all the chemicals being sprayed into the air and soil around your home.

Tree & Shrub Rescue Program

The number one problem with trees and shrubs is soil compaction...roots just don't have enough air around them to thrive. Destructive anerobic fungi gradually kill your beautiful old trees. With our Deep Aeration using a special tool called an Air Knife, we loosen the top two to three feet of soil around a tree with compressed air. This greatly improves its ability to thrive.

Improper Planting also causes many other tree and shrub issues, such as Root Girdling and Trunk Decay. If your Trees or Shrubs are not growing well or looking healthy, Good Nature can send our Arborist to your home to determine if the Root Collar Excavation is needed. This is the safest way to look at what is happening below the soil. Watch the video below on Root Collar Excavation using an Air Knife.

Root Collar Excavation Using an Air Knife

Follow the links below for additional information on girdling roots & proper tree planting:

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Tree and Shrub Pruning

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