Rust Disease

Rust is a Fungal Organism that Causes Orange Growths to Form on Your Grass

Problem Grass Rust

What Is Rust?

Rust is a fungal organism that causes orange or brown growths to form on the grass. Rust will not harm the grass, but it may turn your shoes brown.

WhY Do You Have Rust?

A major Rust problem usually indicates that your lawn has poor grasses, susceptible to disease, as well as poor soil quality. 

Certain grass types are more susceptible to rust than others. Perennial Ryegrass is typically the most susceptible. You can improve your grass varieties with Lawn Renovation or Slice Seeding.

Diseases tend to be worse when the soil lacks microbial life. Improving your soil will help to reduce disease severity. The best way to begin improving your soil is to first really understand what you are working with. A few ways to make a difference would include Soil Analysis and rebalancing your soil, Core Aeration, Liquid Aeration and Organic Compost Topdressing.

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