Total Lawn Renovation


If your lawn is full of problem grasses or weeds, then a complete renovation might be your best option.

While more expensive, this is a great way to start an organic program. Here we kill off your existing lawn and replant with modern drought tolerant, pest resistant grasses that look greener and stand up better to wear and tear than traditional grasses. This will result in the most uniform appearance.  If you're looking to cut back even more on water and fertilizer use, you might want to consider having us add microclover to the new seed mix.



We have a few different methods that we use to do a total renovation.  Our seeding specialist will choose the most appropriate method to meet your needs. If you commit to at least one year of our fertilization maintenance program, we can guarantee you will love the results!  Note: We only do renovations in August and September, which is the optimal seeding time – you’ll need to water!



Testimonials from Clients that used Good Nature for their Organic Lawn Renovations



"A neighbor I know from a couple of blocks over was taking a walk past our lawn with her sister (from out of town).  Her sister exclaimed,, "Oh my god!  Look at that lawn!  I HAVE to walk in it."  She slipped off her sandals and did just that.  The woman next door saw me playing with my dog in my front yard.  She came over and told me that whenever she walks past my lawn she wants to lay down and roll in it.  That's just what she did!  She and my dog rolled on the rich green lawn and had a wonderful moment." 

- Tom Hemsath, Bay Village Ohio

I thought I would give you some feedback on my lawn.  Except for the people in my neighborhood who water their lawn a lot, my lawn is among the best I have seen.  I have only had to water once this summer and the lawn is green, thick with no bare spots at all.  Every other lawn around here has lots of bare spots.  I also have very few weeds to pull...I guess the lawn is just too thick.  I think the lawn is so good because: 

1.  I have the right grass type, as you suggest in your newsletter (and planted for me)

2.  I mow as high as I can.  Most people I see mowing their lawns way too short.

3.  Organic fertilization including the grub treatment and fall compost treatment helps.

4.  My rotary push mower makes nice clean cuts which prevents drying out of the leaves and disease.

It has definitely been dry here.  For the first time ever, I have had to water the trees and shrubs repeatedly.  Only once did the lawn look dry and then I watered. 

- Herb Schilling, Parma Ohio


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