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How to Mow and Water Properly for a Healthy Lawn

Mowing & Watering

Mowing and Watering properly are key ingredients to a healthy, organic lawn. Mowing high, approximately 3.54.5 inches, and mowing often will keep your lawn greener and suppress weeds naturally. Watering incorrectly can cause more damage than not watering at all.

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Our Mowing & Watering Tips Will Help You Enjoy a Beautiful Lawn.

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Why Mowing Matters

Mowing is the most important thing you can do to keep your lawn looking good. Mowing incorrectly can turn your grass brown and encourage weeds like Crabgrass to invade.

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Why Watering Matters

If you would like your lawn to stay green over the Summer, you'll need to water it. If you water too often or at the wrong times of day, you encourage disease, such as brown spots, invite grass destroying insects, and help weeds sprout. In many cases you would be better off not watering at all than watering incorrectly. 

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When Robot Mowing Can Be Helpful

Don't love mowing your lawn? Try a Robotic Mower. Robotic Mowers cut often so they never remove too much grass and they keep weeds from being too noticeable.

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Mowing Tips

Lean how to mow your organic lawn to fight weeds naturally, and enjoy a greener, healthier lawn.

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Watering Tips

Learn how to water your lawn to discourage weeds and pests and enjoy a greener, healthier lawn. 

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Robot Mower

Robot Mowing

Are you interested in making mowing more quiet and easy? Check out our Lawn Robots to make mowing your lawn effortless.

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