Zoysia Grass

A Warm Season Grass that Stands up to Heat, Drought, and Foot Traffic

Zoysia Grass

What Is Zoysia Grass?

Zoysia Grass is a warm season grass that was refined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the PGA in 1953. If you don’t mind your lawn turning brown in the Fall and Winter, it is a  terrific grass to have because it doesn’t need a lot of water to stay green in the Summer. It also doesn’t need a lot of mowing and grows laterally so vigorously, that it crowds out most weeds.

Why Do You Have Zoysia Grass?

If you have Zoysia Grass, chances are that someone in the last 60 years ordered Zoysia Plugs from a newspaper advertisement and planted them in your lawn. 

What Can You Do About Zoysia Grass?

If you like your Zoysia Grass and want to spread it to the rest of your lawn, you can order plugs online and plant them in the areas that do not have Zoysia Grass. A good website to buy them from is, www.zoysiafarms.com. If you would like help with this project, just give us a call. If you have Zoysia Grass and don't like it, we can help too. We can come and cut out your Zoysia, give it to someone who wants it, and plant a new lawn for you.

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