Rough Bluegrass

This Cool Season Grass Turns Brown and Looks Dead in Warm Weather

Problem Grass Rough Bluegrass

What Is Rough Bluegrass?

Rough Bluegrass is a cool season grass that does well in damp shady areas. Consequently, it thrives in cool, wet spring conditions, but turns brown and plays dead as soon as the weather gets warm.

Why Do You Have Rough Bluegrass?

Rough Bluegrass has recently become a big issue in lawns for two reasons. First, as an environmental initiative, grass seed producers are no longer allowed to burn their fields. Because of this, seed producers collect more Rough Bluegrass seed every year. Secondly, Rough Bluegrass is very similar in size, shape, and weight to Kentucky Bluegrass. Due to their similarities, the seed sorting equipment has a difficult time distinguishing between the two. Therefore, Rough Bluegrass appears frequently in Kentucky Bluegrass mixes. 

What Can You Do About Rough Bluegrass?

If you have small patches you can try digging it up and reseeding. You could also use glyphosate to kill it. If you have a lot of Rough Bluegrass, we recommend a complete Lawn Renovation. After Renovating, you can keep it from coming back by seeding with a mixture that doesn’t have a lot of Bluegrass in it, reducing the risk of exposing your new lawn to the same issue. Mowing high and watering infrequently will also help keep Rough Bluegrass at bay.

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