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Month: April 2016

The Return Of The 17-Year Locusts!

April 20, 2016 by Alec McClennan

Theyre baaaack! This year, cicada bugs (a.k.a. 17-year locusts) will emerge in Northeast Ohio. Cicadas live almost all of their 17 year life underground before emerging. When they emerge, cicada nymphs climb trees, shed their skin and fly. The one goal of the flying adult cicada is to mate and produce more cicadas. The good news is that these adult cicadas will live only four to six weeks (males die shortly after mating). But its going to be a noisy four to six weeks. From sunrise to sunset we will be hearing the high pitched and shrill mating song of the males. Where a lot of these insects are present their singing can be quite annoying. Because so many of them (think millions) will descend on us all at once, they can harm your young trees and shrubs. When the female lays her eggs, she looks for the small branches of deciduous trees (not pine trees). This applies to trees like Apple, Cherry, Dogwood, Japanese Maple, Hickory, Oak, Maple, Ash, Holly, Willow, etc. They will even plant

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Core vs. Liquid Aeration

April 13, 2016 by Alec McClennan

What is Aeration? More often than not when people have aeration in mind, it is the kind where a machine is used to poke holes in the ground or pull soil-core plugs out of the ground. There are more ways than one to aerate the soil though and, believe it or not, the molehill you may detest so much is actually a sign nature is aerating your lawn for free! Why Your Lawn May Need Aeration? - The soil in your yard is compacted. - Pools of water can be found in spots or all over the lawn after irrigation or rainfall. - Water retention is low and it seems like most of the water is just running straight off when you try to water the lawn. - There are many worn areas in your lawn, maybe where there is high foot traffic. - Your lawn has a lot of thatch built up. No reason: aerating once annually even if you have none of these problems is seeing as air is just as vital for the soil and your lawns root *system as it is for you and me! Proper coring also leaves the plugs on the lawn (little

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How to Choose a Lawn Care Company

April 07, 2016 by Alec McClennan

Spring is here and youre wondering what to do with the lawn? Should you hire a Traditional Lawn care company? Hire a Natural Lawn Care Company? Hire an Organic Lawn Care Company? Or, should you just buy lawn fertilizer and treat the lawn yourself? What is the difference between a Natural Lawn Care Company and an Organic Lawn Care Company? Well do the best we can to answer these questions in the blog post below. What is Traditional Lawn Care? When we talk about traditional lawn care, were referring to a program that uses synthetic fertilizers to feed the grass and then uses synthetic pesticides to treat insects, diseases, weeds, and other issues that come up. These synthetic fertilizers and pesticides became popular after World War II and havent been in existence for very long in human history, but long enough to become traditional. Synthetic fertilizers contain water soluble nutrient salts in a form that the plants can readily absorb. The benefit of a water soluble lawn fertilizer

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