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Why My Grass is Greener

July 30, 2013 by Alec McClennan

Its the middle of July, Ive watered my lawn once this season and havent used any chemical fertilizers or pesticides and have the nicest lawn on the block. Whats the secret you ask? There isnt one secret, its a combination of doing a lot of little things correctly. To steal someones line, Im not showing you these pictures to impress you, but to impress upon you how easy it can be to have a nice looking lawn without using chemcials. Im not sure that having a nice lawn is that impressive anyway, but it shouldnt be difficult to achieve if thats what youd like to do. First, here are a few pictures to illustrate my point... Heres one of my neighbors lawns that is mowed way to short and has allowed crabgrass and other weeds to get established. Heres the divider between my neighbors lawn and my lawn - the left side is the neighbors lawn. You can see in the picture below how my lawn looks nice and healthy and green compared to the neighbors and others on the street. How do you have a

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Fertilizers Creating Toxic Algae in Lake Erie

March 20, 2013 by Alec McClennan

Did you know that in 2011 over 16% of Lake Erie was covered with Toxic Algae? Yuck. The algae reduces fish populations and threatens Ohios Tourism industry. Check out this article from the New York Times and Cleveland Plain Dealer about Lake Eries condition and how Fertilizer Runoff is hurting Lake Erie. The top picture here is from the beginning of the summer and the bottom is from the fall. You can see how much algae grew over the course of the summer. Scientists say that the algae feeds on fertilizer runoff. The rain in the spring, the more fertilizer washes off into the storm drains, rivers, and ultimately Lake Erie. Much of the fertilizer run off is from farms, but plenty comes from lawn fertilizers. Water soluble lawn fertilizers easily dissolve in water and wash right off your lawn (or sidewalk if you dont clean the fertilizer off of it) and contribute to the problem. Learn More about How Fertilizers Pollute the Water here Want some good news? There are a few things you can

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Protect Your Lawn Over the Winter

January 11, 2013 by Alec McClennan

You probably arent thinking about your lawn at this time of year, but did you know that the wet weather can create both problems and opportunities for you to have a nicer lawn without resorting to chemicals? All this wetness creates an issue with water sitting on the lawn. That water can lead to snow mold and eventually weeds. But dont worry, theres a solution. If you apply Aerify Plus right now, youll help move that water deep into your soil where your grass will be better able to access it when it needs it this summer. Youll also be improving the soil structure and biological life which will keep your grass healthier next year. So, if youd like to have a greener lawn than the neighbors this spring, nows a great time to apply some Aerify Plus. If you dont like doing it yourself and live in Columbus, Akron, or Cleveland Ohio just contact us and well be happy to make an application for you. Enjoy winter!

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